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Paper Towel Dispenser

Paper towel dispensers are one of the most essential products for the washroom. Although it may seem an unimportant detail, not having paper towels when you need them can lead to very uncomfortable situations. To avoid this type of inconvenience, at Monouso we offer a wide range of paper towel dispensers that adapt to your needs. Our dispensers are characterised by:

  • High resistance and durability: thanks to their high quality materials.
  • Various sizes: you can choose from those that best suit your needs.
  • They protect the contents: they have an opening and closing mechanism that will help to maintain maximum hygiene.
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Useful paper towel dispensers

Paper towel dispensers are utensils designed to facilitate the distribution and protection of paper towels. Thanks to the materials they are made of, they have a shiny surface that is very clean and attractive to all customers.

These towel holders are extremely strong and are very difficult to break or deform. They create a highly effective barrier against external agents, thus keeping their contents in perfect condition until the consumer needs them.

Paper towel dispensers are the perfect blend of convenience and utility. So your customers will enjoy a neat and tidy experience, while your staff will be rewarded with a reduced workload.

Durable and practical dispensers

The practical design of the paper hand dispenser allows you to see through a slit or transparency to see if the contents need to be replenished. This way, your customers will always have something to dry their hands with. Thanks to the "z" or "zig-zag" paper layout, the sheets will come out one at a time and avoid unnecessary waste.

Our paper hand towel dispensers are very economically priced and very durable, making them a long-term investment that will last for a long time.

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