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Plastic Cup PS Vending White 160 ml (100 Units)

Ref 1006-100
Plastic Cup PS Vending White 160 ml (100 Units)
  • Plastic Cup PS Vending White 160 ml (100 Units)
  • Plastic Cup PS Vending White 160 ml (100 Units)
  • Plastic Cup PS Vending White 160 ml (100 Units)
100 Units   €4.38 0,044€/Ud
4,38 (tax incl.) 0,044€/Ud
Price per box of 100 units

Ref 1006-100


Total Dimensions

  • PS (Polystyrene)
  • Cylinder
  • Yes
  • Si
  • 100

Vending plastic cup for automatic vending machine 160 ml white made of polystyrene.

  • Made of resistant and recyclable polystyrene.
  • Unique design for use in vending machines.
  • Perfect capacity for different types of drinks.
  • Ideal for both hot and cold drinks.
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The ideal solution for vending: 160ml plastic cups

Do you want to improve your daily beverage experience? Monouso's 160ml PS plastic cups are the perfect choice for any occasion.

Ideal for both hot and cold drinks, these cups offer you a versatility that others can't match. Imagine enjoying your morning coffee without worrying about warping or spilling? With our cups, that's possible.

Tailored for fast and reliable service

For vending professionals, our plastic cups are an ideal solution. Compatible with most vending machines, these cups ensure accurate and trouble-free dispensing.

So you can maintain an efficient, high quality service, ensuring customer satisfaction. Imagine the peace of mind of knowing that every cup is dispensed perfectly, without interruption or error.

plastic cups vending

recyclable plastic cups

Recyclable, perfect for conscious consumers

But it's not just about convenience and functionality. At Monouso, we also care about environmental impact. By opting for our disposable cups, you are choosing a fully recyclable product, thus contributing to the sustainability of the planet. Making an eco-friendly choice has never been easier or more practical.

Quality and practicality at all times

Our PS cups are designed with you in mind. The strength and practicality of these cups ensure that you can enjoy your favourite drink without any inconvenience.

In addition, their ergonomic design provides a comfortable and secure grip, preventing any accidents. What more can you ask for from a disposable cup?

Can we help you buy plastic cups for your vending machine?

We understand how crucial it is to choose the right PS plastic cup for your business. At Monouso we are experts in hospitality and vending solutions, which is why we offer you high quality products. We are here to present you with options that will optimise the service in your hospitality, restaurant or catering establishment.

If you have any questions, our customer service team at Monouso is ready to listen to you and help you with any questions you may have.

Data sheet

Colour White
Total Dimensions 160 ml
Design Classic
Material PS (Polystyrene)
Product type Vaso
Uses Cold and Hot Drinks
Total capacity 160 ml
Certificates Food Contact
Lower diameter 4,4 cm
Top diameter 7 cm
Shape Cylinder
Height 7,3 cm
Food Contact Yes
Disposable SI
Family Monouso
Intrastat 39241000
Recyclable Si
Type Desechable
Range Cheap
Reusable Economical
Price for 100
Units per Pack 100 ct
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Plastic Cup PS Vending White 160 ml (100 Units)

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Plastic Cup PS Vending White 160 ml (100 Units)

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Ref 1006-100

100 Units

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0,044€/160 ml  

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