Plastic Soap Dispenser Auto ABS White 1000 ml (1 Unit)

Ref 4853-1
    Plastic Soap Dispenser Auto ABS White 1000 ml (1 Unit)
    • Plastic Soap Dispenser Auto ABS White 1000 ml (1 Unit)
    1 Unit   €56.00 56,000€/Ud
    €56.00 (tax incl.) 56,000€/Ud
    Price per box of 1 units

    Ref 4853-1

    • ABS
    • Rectangular
    • Si
    • 1

    Plastic Soap Dispenser Auto ABS in colour White with  "Elegance" design of 1000ml

    Price for 1 Unit.

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    Maintain hygiene with ABS dispensers

    Maintain hygiene with ABS dispensers

    Do you want to keep hygiene within everyone's reach in a practical way? Soap dispensers are your answer. These devices not only facilitate efficient and effective hand hygiene, thanks to their precise dosing mechanism in one simple gesture. By using a soap dispenser, you ensure an even distribution and the right amount of soap needed, avoiding waste and guaranteeing optimal hand cleaning.

    Now, let's talk about the manufacturing material: ABS. What makes it special? It is resistant to impacts and adverse conditions, ideal for high-traffic environments. Plus, its smooth surface makes it easy to clean. So why opt for another material?

    Now, let us tell you the main features of these soap dispensers:

    • Precision dosing: they ensure that each dose is exactly what you need for effective cleaning. The result? Zero soap waste. Imagine how much you can save over time by avoiding the excess soap that is wasted in conventional dispensers.
    • Extreme durability: no matter how many hands use them, they'll keep working like new. Durability is their hallmark, making them a smart investment that will last over time.
    • Easy maintenance: their smooth, wear-resistant surface is easy to clean. No special products or extra effort are required.

    Data sheet

    Colour White
    Total Dimensions 1000 ml / 1 l
    Material ABS
    Product type Soap Dispenser
    Uses Hygiene
    Total capacity 1000 ml / 1 l
    Shape Rectangular
    Height 26 cm
    Width 13 cm
    Intrastat 39262000
    Length 10,8 cm
    Recyclable Si
    Type Químicos
    Packs per Box 1
    Price for 1
    Units per Pack 1 ct
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