Red Plastic Cups

American Red Party Cups are the perfect plastic cups to get your barbecues and large events to reflect 100% the spirit of the holidays made in USA. Made of high strength polystyrene, SOLO brand American Plastic Cups are ideal for serving soft drinks, beer or mixed drinks with lots of ice.

Their great resistance to shocks and falls has made them, over the years, the stars of hundreds of movies where fun and good vibes are the best toast these Red Cups can offer.

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Sturdy, almost unbreakable, in different sizes and perfect for soft drinks, beers and cocktails, the American Hollywood Red Party Cups are the best solution to celebrate a good party in bars and stars version.

Shall we play Beer Pong?

Red Cups or Beer Pong Cups are ideal for enjoying peculiar beer games with your friends. If you've always wanted to be part of a fraternity like Alpha, Beta or Gamma, the main thing is to be a crack shot at Beer Pong with these Party Cups.  "A game of American origin in which players try to shoot ping-pong balls from the end of a table into glasses full of beer. Normally it is played with 6 glasses for single games and with 10 for the games in pairs, and the one who makes the basket, drinks.

Characteristics of our American Red Party Cups

- High clarity and resistance to knocks and breakage, reducing customer complaints about spills or damage.

- Offers a full-filling capacity.

SOLO CUP quality guarantee:

SOLO CUP Spain is the manufacturer par excellence of high quality, transparent and resistant SOLO PET Cups. Perfect for shakes, juices, smoothies and all types of cold drinks. Besides these Red Party Cups, we offer Thermal Cups, Cardboard Cups, PET Cups with Lids and Foam Containers, among others

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