Single Portion Cake Container

Who hasn't had a hard time finishing their dessert after a good meal? Have you ever had to leave it on the table? A whole pie may be too much, but how about offering your customers individual portions of pie in specially designed containers?

Our single-piece cake box will become your perfect ally for preserving, presenting and transporting small portions of your delicious pastry creations. Who could resist enjoying their favourite cake, now carefully packaged in individual portions? 

  • Different colours and materials
  • With different types of closures for safe transport
  • Easy, convenient and quick solution for transporting triangular sections of any foodstuffs
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Triangular cake slice container: innovation in your business

Step into a world of possibilities with our selection of cake containers. Designed to fit each individual portion perfectly, these containers will give you a practical experience in preservation, presentation and transport.

Think about it, how many different foods could you store in this container? Our pie and cake slice containers have a wide range of applications. From cake, sponge or pie portions, to omelette pieces, cheese, empanada, sandwiches, salads, biscuits, snacks and much more. A useful, multi-national, disposable pack, very practical for bakeries, cafes, caterers and take-away food shops.

Discover the many advantages of this packaging: hygienic, safe and perfect for direct food contact. Their ability to preserve the taste, appearance and aroma of your food is exceptional. They also give you the peace of mind that your food will remain in optimum condition during transport - imagine indulging in a slice of cake that looks like it just came out of the oven! You don't have to worry, your food will retain all its essence and quality, so let yourself enjoy it without worrying!

If we are sure about one thing, it is that it has become an indispensable container for any type of establishment that sells ready-made  meals or has leftover food, as well as bakeries and catering services. But it is also incredibly useful for your customers to enjoy sitting down in your establishment. These containers will look great on sweet tables at your events or as an innovative way to present and serve your cakes in your café. You can use them however and wherever you want - it's that easy!

Advantages of our single-piece cake box

Still not convinced? Well, here's why they will be your best ally. 

  • Practical and functional: these containers help to avoid food waste by making it possible to transport it from one place to another. You will no longer have to say goodbye to your piece of cake at the restaurant, you can meet later wherever you want, whenever you feel like it. In addition, it facilitates an even distribution of the cake portions, as it makes it possible to divide the food into portions in a more visual and intuitive way.
  • Ideal for refrigeration lines: the display of food in cold chambers is becoming increasingly popular. Our containers are a practical solution for food packaging - you'll need them!
  • Sturdy packaging: they protect your food from deformation. A safe bet.
  • Take away or delivery: an easy way to transport any portion of cake in an innovative and original way.

Our triangle cake slice boxes are also an all-rounder: suitable for hot and cold food and suitable for the freezer. Dare to give your business a twist and incorporate these new containers for individual pieces of cake.

The perfect choice for serving, presenting, transporting and tasting individual pieces of cake. One of the best packaging solutions to give your product gourmet status – try them!

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