SOLO PressDress PET Plastic Deli Containers

SOLO PressDress containers are the ideal food containers for presenting food accompanied by its sauce, in the same container but separately. In this way the customer can purchase the product and consume it wherever he wants. These Polyethylene Terephthalate Plastic Containers are totally transparent, rigid and resistant, hermetic and unbreakable, ideal for take-away food establishments.

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PressDress PET Plastic Containers from SOLO have become the perfect disposable containers for serving salads and foods that must be seasoned with sauces. In different sizes and formats, these PressDress Bags from SOLO offer total transparency and resistance to wear and tear.

Airtight and unbreakable, our SOLO Food Packaging preserves food, does not affect the taste of the food and facilitates convenient transportation. The Single-Use Containers do not require any maintenance, are more hygienic and economical, and allow for correct stacking occupying the minimum space in your warehouse, bases and lids separately.

At MonoUso we offer you different PressDress SOLO packs perfect for salads, fruit, pasta and other foods. Choose the right size to cover your packaging needs and order it now!

If, on the contrary, you need another type of Food Packaging, on our website you will also find FOAM Packaging, Cardboard Packaging, Sugar Cane Packaging and Aluminium Packaging. A comfortable solution for your business and with 24/48 hour delivery.  For more information about Plastic Packaging, do not hesitate to contact us at 931 158 455.

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