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Wet wipes are a must-have accessory for your catering business to keep your customers satisfied and your service impeccable. However, not all wipes are suitable for cleaning tough stains on clothes, such as wine, tomato or sauces. The solution to this problem is right in front of you: stain remover wipes. They are characterised by being:

  • Very effective: they can be used to clean different types of stains.
  • Convenient and hygienic: presented in individual format.
  • Recyclable: you can dispose of them in the appropriate container once they have been used.
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Effective stain remover wipes

Sometimes it is difficult to get out of a restaurant without any food or drink stains. For such carelessness, stain removal wipes are the most immediate solution: individually wrapped, they are practical when it comes to removing all kinds of stains such as wine, tomato, sauce, etc.

An example. You start serving your customers in your restaurant. They ask for two glasses of wine and, of course, one of your waiters approaches your customers' table to serve them with the bottle in his hand. The service is excellent until an oversight causes the bottle to spill a little and some of the wine spills on the trousers of one of your customers. Two options: either you have a solution to fix it or their experience is totally ruined.

Because at Monouso we care about every aspect of service for hospitality businesses, we have created this section of top quality stain remover wipes. They are designed to remove different types of stains in the most convenient and effective way possible.

Buy stain remover wipes

Keeping these stain removal wipes on hand is a must. We are human and carelessness happens and what you can't afford as a catering professional is that when it happens you don't think of a quick and effective solution. With Monouso stain remover wipes you will be able to clean these stains in the most efficient and economical way.

Don't wait any longer to get our Monouso stain remover wipes, maximum quality at the best price!

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