Tablecloth Roll Waterproof Silver 1,2x5m (1 Unit)

Ref 4379-1
    Tablecloth Roll Waterproof Silver 1,2x5m (1 Unit)
    • Tablecloth Roll Waterproof Silver 1,2x5m (1 Unit)
    • Tablecloth Roll Waterproof Silver 1,2x5m (1 Unit)
    1 Unit   €4.57 4,570€/Ud
    €4.57 (tax incl.) 4,570€/Ud
    Price per box of 1 units

    Ref 4379-1

    • Paper + PE Layer
    • Rectangular
    • Si
    • 1

    Waterproof paper tablecloth presented in roll format. It has a size of 1,2x5m. Colour silver.

    • Thanks to its high density lamination, it has water-repellent properties that prevent liquids from seeping through.
    • Versatile tablecloth: combinable, functional, quick and easy to handle.
    • Ideal for restaurants, bars, terraces and all kinds of celebrations, both indoor and outdoor.

    The price is for a Pack of 1 Unit.

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    Paper tablecloths for protection and versatility

    Paper tablecloths for protection and versatility

    Need tablecloths for an elegant dinner or a casual event? No problem! Paper table cloths are a versatile and affordable solution that will suit all your needs perfectly.

    But that's not all, paper tablecloths are also sustainable! They are made from biodegradable materials, usually wood pulp. Paper is one of the most common materials used in the manufacture of eco-friendly tablecloths. It is obtained from renewable sources and is biodegradable, which makes these tablecloths one of the most eco-friendly options.

    And you may ask yourself, why should I opt for a paper tablecloth for my hospitality business? Among its advantages, we highlight:

    • Resistant and light: they are much lighter than traditional cloth tablecloths, but they are also resistant to any breakfast, lunch, lunch, snack or dinner service.
    • Economical: an economical option compared to other types of tablecloths. This means you can save money on decorating your event or meeting without sacrificing quality or aesthetics.
    • Sustainable and recyclable: just dispose of them in the appropriate container to start the recycling process.
    A liquid-resistant tablecloth

    A liquid-resistant tablecloth

    Can you imagine having a material that protects your table and repels liquids? Our paper tablecloths with PE lamination are the perfect option for added safety in your catering business. This thin polyethylene coating has water-repellent properties (i.e. it prevents water and moisture seepage) and waterproofs the paper, which will help prevent it from softening and tearing.

    Tablecloths on a roll, perfect fit

    Sometimes the layout of the tables in your business has to change to cope with the requests of your customers. That's the reality you may face every day in your bar, restaurant or café, right?

    Don't worry, because this tablecloth roll is the solution. Its great advantage is that it can be cut to the size you need, adapting perfectly to the length of your tables. This way, you won't have to worry about buying specific tablecloths for each table size, you can save money and avoid having to deal with tablecloths of different sizes. One less problem for your business!


    Data sheet

    Colour Metallized
    Total Dimensions 1,2x5m
    Design Color
    Material Paper + PE Layer
    Product type Mantel
    Shape Rectangular
    Width 1,20 m
    Intrastat 48183000
    Length 5 m
    Recyclable Si
    Price for 1
    Dimensions 1,2x5m
    Units per Pack 1 ct
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