Wooden Coffee Stirrer Wrapped 14cm (1000 Units)

Ref 49014-1000
    Wooden Coffee Stirrer Wrapped 14cm (1000 Units)
    • Wooden Coffee Stirrer Wrapped 14cm (1000 Units)
    • Wooden Coffee Stirrer Wrapped 14cm (1000 Units)
    1000 Units   €19.84 0,020€/Ud
    €19.84 (tax incl.) 0,020€/Ud
    Price per box of 1.000 units

    Ref 49014-1000

    • Wood
    • Elongated
    • Yes
    • Si
    • 1.000

    Wrapped Stirrer of 14cm in Wood for Coffee or any type of Drink.

    These Stirrers stand out for being:

    • Made of wood.
    • Brown color that can vary slightly in tone, which makes them unique.
    • Apt for the freezer. It is resistant to oil and grease.
    • Disposable, biodegradable and 100% recyclable product.
    • Used for both stirring and tasting hot and cold foods.
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    Perfect for any beverage: wooden stirrers

    Perfect for any beverage: wooden stirrers

    Don't let anything ruin your coffee! Wooden stirrers are the best option over any other, they offer optimal resistance to high temperatures and do not alter the flavours of the products. Perfect to go with biodegradable coffee cups, these stirrers will make it easier for your customers to stir their coffee, tea or infusion in a comfortable way.

    Made of birch wood, these stirrers stand out mainly for their durability and safety, they do not splinter and withstand high temperatures without transferring any type of flavour to the drinks or altering their shape. In addition, their simple, ergonomic and practical design makes them perfect for any type of establishment.

    Would you like us to tell you more about the advantages of our wooden palettes?

    • Sustainable: birch wood is a natural and renewable material that does not harm the environment.
    • Lightweight and durable: thanks to their high-quality design, these stirrers are durable and practical.
    • Very versatile: ideal for bars, restaurants, cafés, bakeries, offices, events, everyday use at home, etc. Use them comfortably for all kinds of drinks, from coffee and tea to cocktails and soft drinks.
    For more hygiene: sheathed stirrers

    For more hygiene: sheathed stirrers

    Sheathed stirrers are an ideal choice for those who are looking for the perfect combination of practicality and hygiene in their everyday products.

    The paper sleeve design ensures greater hygiene and safety by protecting the shaker from contamination and external agents. In addition, their practical packaging makes them easy to store, allowing you to keep them close at hand in your café or bar.


    Data sheet

    Colour Natural
    Total Dimensions 14 cm
    Design Great to Go
    Material Wood
    Product type Stirrer
    Uses Restaurants and Catering
    Certificates Food Contact
    Shape Elongated
    Food Contact Yes
    Disposable SI
    Family Monouso
    Intrastat 39241000
    Length 14 cm
    Recyclable Si
    Type Cubertería
    Packs per Box 10
    Price for 1.000
    Units per Pack 1000
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    Wooden Coffee Stirrer Wrapped 14cm (1000 Units)

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        Wooden Coffee Stirrer Wrapped 14cm (1000 Units)

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        Ref 49014-1000

        1.000 Units

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