Biodegradable Tasting Plates

Mini Dishes for Tasting are considered the most ecological alternative when it comes to surprising diners gastronomically in any event or presentation. Our Biodegradable Mini Dishes, although of fine design, are suitable for use in ovens, microwaves and freezers, as they are just as resistant as Plastic Microwaveable Dishes, but, at the same time, less harmful to the Ecosystem 

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The Biodegradable Mini Catering Dishes are one of the ecological alternatives to the traditional Recyclable Plastic Dishes. Made from bamboo leaves, wood or sugar cane, this Ecological Dish is in great demand for catering and buffet services. In addition, because they are disposable catering accessories, these disposable plates are much more practical and hygienic, saving time and money.

Round, square or tray-shaped, the Biodegradable Mini Tableware is ideal for adding a touch of relaxation to your table, which can be more environmentally friendly if accompanied by beautiful Mini Tasting Cutlery, sustainable Sugar Cane Cups and recycled Paper Napkins.

Do Organic Mini Dishes affect the taste of the food?

No. Because bamboo and other materials are porous, they absorb the taste of the food, preventing the food from being impregnated with the plant's aroma.

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