Containers Airtight Hot Food

The airtight containers for hot food are the star element in home delivery, take away and catering services. With them you can serve all kinds of food without any worries.

No matter whether it contains liquids, sauces or oils, their internal lamination prevents them from penetrating the walls of the container. They withstand high temperatures perfectly and also guarantee safe transport without spills or leaks. All advantages!

  • Resistant to liquids, fats, oils and high temperatures.
  • Microwave and freezer safe.
  • Spill-proof and leak-proof.
  • Lids ensure a tight and secure seal.
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Hot food packaging

At Monouso, we know that every detail counts. That's why we offer the best solutions to cover all your service needs and make your business stand out. Our airtight containers for hot food are a smart option for serving dishes and will allow your customers to taste and enjoy them wherever they want, without limitations.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to take advantage of the perfect containers to maintain the ideal temperature for all your meals. Their incredible thermal insulation helps to preserve the heat of the food for longer to enjoy a complete experience. Always like fresh from the kitchen. But temperature isn't everything. Your food will also maintain its freshness and quality until the very last moment so that your meals arrive in perfect condition.

Microwaveable packaging

Will your customers enjoy your food long after it's been prepared? Don't worry, these containers are microwaveable, which gives them a great advantage. They can enjoy the simplicity of taking the packaging straight to the microwave, without compromising the quality of the food. This feature makes them the ideal choice for taking food to work, to university or to a friend's house. Make every meal unique, without worrying about the taste and texture of the food being reheated. Your customers can even keep the leftovers for the next day without having to use another container. Make every meal a unique experience.

Rigid and resistant take away containers

The functionality of these airtight hot food containers combines perfectly with their quality and strength, ready to withstand the weight of any recipe you want to serve in your business. Is your signature dish an intense stew? Or do your customers prefer one of your succulent sauces? Our airtight containers will arrive at their destination in optimum condition, with exceptional strength and resistance to ensure zero leakage and zero spillage, freeing you from unwanted surprises and unwelcome stains. Isn't it amazing?

The airtight containers have a high capacity to resist all kinds of liquids, fats, oils and grease, and the internal laminate prevents moisture from penetrating the carton and softening. You can serve all types of food and be sure that your containers will remain robust from start to finish without compromising the safety of your customers.

Compatible lids and airtight closures

Carefully designed to complement our hot food containers, we offer you compatible lids, worthy companions to the most delicious dishes. The rounded rim of the containers and the strategic design of their lids ensure a perfect seal and safe, convenient transport, so that nothing spoils the experience of eating such delicious recipes.

They are also resistant to high temperatures and steam from hot food, so they will not deform. This resistance gives them the ability to withstand microwave use without inconvenience. They are the epitome of ultimate convenience. In addition, their airtight seal prevents food from coming into contact with external contaminants.

This compatibility between containers and lids is a demonstration of care for every detail and attention to your customers. Discover how they become the perfect ally for your establishment to accompany all your gastronomic creations, beyond all expectations. The takeaway experience has never been so complete and revolutionary.

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