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Designer Tasting Dishes

To give an original, elegant and different touch to any celebration, surprise your guests with these incredible Tasting Design Miniatures. Without a doubt, the best way for diners to start appreciating the culinary delights that these MiniDishes, MiniCups, Minibags and MiniCatering Items will present.

Thanks to these Design Miniatures, diners will be amazed by their different shapes, finishes and imitations, which will leave no one indifferent. Enjoy a delicious shrimp cocktail in a Maxi Egg or a delicate cheese and foie in your Yogurt Glass. Let yourself be surprised and enjoy! 

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Every great event has a great organization, that's why the Tasting Design Miniatures can become the point of reference to make your catering hiring a real fact. Giving this touch of design and distinction to the presentation of the food can, apart from surprising the diners, arouse a great stir among the guests who see how the peculiar objects of their day to day become Plastic Miniatures with delicious culinary creations.

From Plastic MiniCups and MiniDishes for Tasting, to Plastic Catering Bags and Plastic MiniCups for Tasting, dozens of Miniatures for Tasting that will surprise and capture the attention of all those present.

To complete the service of your event you can consult our sections of Biodegradable Miniatures, Kebabs, Tweezers and Skewers, Designer Plastic Plates, PET Plastic Presentation Trays, Plastic Cocktail Cups and Airlaid Premium Napkins.

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