Economical Disposable TableWare Golden

Luxury and glamour sit at the table when serving an event with this Economy Disposable Tableware in Gold. A plastic disposable dinner service that reflects nobility and happiness. When we speak of gold, we immediately think of fame, pride and merit, since gold is present in all three aspects. On the other hand, our Golden Disposable Tableware will dazzle those present, enthrall their guests and elegantly decorate every corner of your event or celebration. And if you are looking for a more resistant and elegant Gold Disposable Dinner Set, do not hesitate to consult our Golden Hard Plastic Dinner Set or Golden Premium Dinner Set section.

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Perfect for evening events, gala dinners or golden weddings, our Economy Disposable Tableware in Gold colour will become the star of any reception that boasts. Gold Plastic Cups, Gold Disposable Plates and Gold Plastic Cutlery, among others, will shine with a light in front of the guests at your table.

Perfectly combined with Black, Bordeaux or White, our Gold Plastic Tableware will reflect luxury and glamour in every way.

Curiosities about the colour Gold

Gold is the attribute of the good and the good. Together with red and green, gold forms the chromatic chord of happiness, since we understand that love (red), health (green) and money (gold) are the three fundamental pillars necessary to achieve it. The colour gold always accompanies the qualities that are associated with the years: fidelity, friendship, honesty and trust, although it is never the dominant colour of these qualities, as their association with material rewards is also well known.

But if this is not the colourful disposable tableware you are looking for for your party, don't forget to consult our catalogues: the Economy Disposable Tableware in White, ideal for elegant parties, where purity is served on every canapé, the Economy Disposable Tableware in Turquoise Blue, a perfect bet for parties where class and sobriety blend perfectly with the joy that comes from the blue of the sea, or the Economy Disposable Tableware in Black, perfect for glamorous parties.

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