Individual Novotex Tablecloth 30x40cm

Novotex Placemats are non-woven tablecloths, also known as Spunbond or Newtex placemats. These Novotex Disposable Tablecloths look similar to fabric and are reusable, as their quality allows them to be washed and ironed several times. However, MonoUso warns you that "due to their low price it is cheaper to throw them away than to wash them". These Disposable Tablecloths can be combined with Paper Ways and Coloured Napkins to offer a personalized and very attractive design.

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The Novotex Placemat brings numerous advantages to our establishment or event. The Novotex Placemats have been designed to offer the soft and elegant touch of the fabric with the benefits of the Disposable Tablecloths.

The Novotex Placemats are made from Novotex, a 100% polypropylene composite material. The resin used to manufacture them gives them a texture that prevents dirt from adhering and allows them to be cleaned with a simple cloth. This is why these non-woven tablecloths are very resistant and have a high quality finish. They are also known as Nextex Tablecloths and Spundbond Tablecloths.

Thus, Novotex Placemats are mainly characterized by their woven look. To the touch, they are pleasant, soft and, by their appearance, distinguished. In addition, the range of colours of these non-woven tablecloths is wide. So it can be combined with decoration and tableware. As they are disposable tablecloths, they lighten the table collection and protect it from knocks or water spills. They can also be reused.

Because of these virtues, the Non-Woven Tablecloths are a very appreciated choice in Restoration and Catering.

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