Palm Leaf Bowls

Unique, sustainable bags at an affordable price? Of course it's possible. Palm leaf bags, with an appearance reminiscent of wood, are the ecological alternative with the essence of living nature that you can find in our catalogue.

Made from the leaves of the palm tree, the dark veins of the leaves can be seen in the design, which makes each model unique. High quality and resistant, the palm leaf bowls are 100% natural.

  • The veins of the leaf itself are reminiscent of wood.
  • Natural and pleasant texture
  • Resistant to grease and oil
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Palm leaf bowls are made directly from the fallen leaves of areca palm trees. After being washed and dried, these leaves are pressed into the shape of the 100% natural palm leaf bowls that you can find in our online shop. As they are made in a natural way, their colour is defined by the physiognomy of the leaves that compose them. Many of these palm leaf bowls have dark veins, which gives them a great beauty. Each piece is unique!

These biodegradable bowls, thanks to their rigidity and resistance, can be used both in the microwave and in the freezer, and accept all types of food, whether liquid or solid.

At Monouso you can buy palm leaf bowls in packs or boxes, depending on the volume you need. We remind you that we apply a discount on the boxes, as they are larger volumes.

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