Palm Leaf Plates

Looking for unique and sustainable plates? Palm leaf plates are possibly the most elegant of the entire organic range. Made directly from the naturally fallen leaves of the areca palm tree, these plates are resistant to fats and oils. But that's not all!

Without a doubt, biodegradable palm leaf plates will become the ideal choice for the presentation of all kinds of food, and they also have the great advantage that they are generally microwave-safe. Don't think twice and discover the palm leaf disposable plates, available in different shapes and sizes.

  • 100% vegetable
  • Unique designs thanks to their original dark veins
  • Offers a totally eco-friendly service
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Palm leaf plates are the ideal choice for those looking to combine style, functionality and sustainability. At Monouso, we are committed to offering products that respect the environment without sacrificing practicality. Our flagship collection of palm leaf plates is a clear example of this commitment.

But there are even more advantages!

Fallen palm leaf plates

These plates are made from the fallen leaves of Areca palm trees, making them an environmentally friendly, biodegradable and compostable option.

Once the fallen leaves have been collected, they are washed with fresh water to remove any remaining dirt and left to dry in the sun. They are then pressed with water and heat to give them the desired shape and size. No chemical additives are used, so the palm leaf plates are completely natural, chemical-free and environmentally friendly.

The texture of the palm leaf plates is 100% vegetable and the design is unique. As they are made entirely from the leaves of the Areca palm tree, without any chemical additives, their colour is naturally defined. Some have darker veins and others have lighter shades. This makes each plate a unique piece.

But did you know that they are also incredibly resistant? They can withstand from fats and oils to temperature changes, being suitable for oven, microwave and freezer. This makes them perfect for any type of event or business.

Square palm leaf plate... and round, and oval

ach palm leaf plate is a unique piece: its 100% vegetable texture and natural colour guarantee a unique presentation. And with a wide range of shapes - square, rectangular, oval, round and more - you'll always find the perfect design for your table.

Whatever the occasion you want to use them for, palm leaf plates are a sure hit. These plates are the perfect choice for restaurant, hotel or catering businesses that want to stand out and demonstrate their commitment to the environment.

They are suitable for all types of food: cold, hot, liquid, solid, light or heavy, as they have excellent rigidity and resistance and are fantastic for serving your best dishes at celebrations where guests have to stand holding the plates in their hands.

Impress your guests or clients with plates that are as unique as your culinary offerings.

Cheap palm leaf plates

These cheap biodegradable plates come in a wide range and are a great value for money, unbeatable online.

Buy palm leaf plates from Monouso and transform your dining experience by combining practicality, aesthetics and eco-friendliness. Browse our selection and find the perfect palm leaf disposable plates to suit your style and needs, all with a commitment to respect the planet.

Don't wait any longer! Give your table a distinctive and sustainable touch with Monouso's palm leaf plates. Visit our shop today and discover the difference.

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