Paper Container Waffles 16x10cm (800 Units)

Ref 7245-100-8
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  • Plastic Free
Paper Container Waffles 16x10cm (800 Units)
  • Paper Container Waffles 16x10cm (800 Units)
  • Paper Container Waffles 16x10cm (800 Units)
  • Paper Container Waffles 16x10cm (800 Units)
  • Paper Container Waffles 16x10cm (800 Units)
  • Paper Container Waffles 16x10cm (800 Units)
  • Paper Container Waffles 16x10cm (800 Units)
  • Paper Container Waffles 16x10cm (800 Units)

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800 Units €96.40 -20% €77.15 0,096€/Ud
€96.40 -20%
€77.15 (tax incl.) 0,096€/Ud
Price per box of 800 units

Ref 7245-100-8

  • Paper / Cardboard
  • Rectangular
  • 800

Enjoying the pleasure of eating a good waffle with hot chocolate (or the topping of your choice) will be more convenient to carry with these waffle cartons. Features:

  • Made of kraft cardboard, biodegradable.
  • Brown colour, which gives an eco-friendly and natural touch to the product
  • Able to withstand fatty foods and oils
  • Used for all types of takeaway food from waffles to pancakes or cakes
  • Monouso® manufacture
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A sweet treat in the palm of your hand with the cardboard waffle container

With chocolate, syrup, cream, fruit... There are many combinations of waffles, but few ways to eat them so effectively without getting your hands dirty. Still don't know what we're talking about? Sure you do, we're talking about waffle containers,cardboard scoops that take-away businesses or food trucks use to serve all kinds of take-away food.

Do your customers want to order a waffle or crepe without getting oil on their hands? This scoop is perfect as it prevents the cardboard from getting soaked in oil or the liquids or sauces of the food. In this way, your customers' hands will remain clean once they have finished eating and they will also be able to recycle this material without difficulty, avoiding further damage to the environment.

Ecological packaging made from responsibly managed materials

Cardboard is the material from which these shovels are made. This means that it has a wide thermal tolerance that makes it resistant to hot and cold food, so that it will preserve the temperature at which it has been served.

Among its advantages are its ability to be easily moulded and its lightness, which is very important if we take into account its purpose.

Envase para gofre

Cuña de cartón para gofre

The best solution to enjoy a dessert on the spot

The cardboard scoops or wedges are designed for waffles, cakes, crepes or pizzas, i.e. food that is to be transported after being prepared on the spot, which is why they are perfect for fast food and take-away outlets.

When cooking on the spot, customers might worry that the food will burn their hands, but with these trays that's not a problem. They withstand high temperatures well and are able to keep sauces or condiments at bay which can cause the occasional eating incident.

Convenient, perfectly sized cardboard paddles

Kraft brown on the outside, white on the inside and rectangular in shape, these scoops are ergonomic and practical to carry. In addition, thanks to their specially designed edges, they offer a secure grip on food, making them easy to carry safely and comfortably.

A simple and functional way to carry desserts and other foods that you can share or enjoy on your own.

Can we help you choose the perfect containers for your waffles?

We understand the challenge of finding the perfect waffle cartons to serve waffles in your business. The products in our Monouso range come with our guarantee as experts in the industry. Our commitment is to provide you with solutions that will facilitate the services you offer in your hotel, restaurant or catering establishment.

If you have any questions, Monouso customer service will be delighted to listen to you and solve all your doubts.

Data sheet

Colour Brown
Total Dimensions 16x10cm
Material Paper / Cardboard
Product type Container
Uses Take Away
Shape Rectangular
Height 5,2 cm
Width 10 cm
Intrastat 39241000
Length 16 cm
Packs per Box 8
Price for 800
Dimensions 16x10cm
Units per Pack 100 ct
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