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Waffle and Crepe Packaging

Do you want to offer a unique and delicious experience to your crepe and waffle customers? Our packaging is the perfect solution! At Monouso we have a wide range of high quality and ergonomically designed packaging so you can take your crepes and waffles anywhere.

Discover our crepe packaging with quantity discounts. In this category you will not only find products for waffles, but you will also find a large stock of waffle and pancake containers. Take a look and let us know!

  • Perfect for take away waffles and crepes
  • Wide range of solutions to suit your business
  • Recyclable
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The best way to serve your crepes and waffles

Do you have a crepe and waffle business and are looking for the perfect way to serve your delicious crepes and waffles to your customers? You're in the right place! At Monouso you'll find a wide variety of crepe and waffle containers, designed especially for businesses like yours.

Sweet or savoury, there are many possible combinations to prepare this magnificent dish. But regardless of how they are made, you need a way for your business to offer your customers a way to eat this magnificent food in a convenient and practical way: buyingcrepe and waffle containers is your solution!

Crepe packaging

Crepe packaging offers a number of indisputable advantages. These are the most important ones:

  • They offer a secure grip, for easy take-away
  • Grease-proof treatment, to increase their resistance
  • Environmentally friendly production
  • Natural finish, pleasing to the eye

And not only that, they offer a wide variety of formats.

Pancake holders

Crêpe holders are specially designed containers for transporting this Breton delicacy. Their "triangular" shape is perfectly adapted to the shape of a rolled waffle and their interior is narrow, so that the grip is firm but at the same time easy to consume.

The main advantage of the portacrepes as a product is that it is a format that takes up very little space. In this way, a take away business can have several boxes of this product without sacrificing work / storage space.

We also have square crepe holders available, the more classic format. There are several reasons for this, but it is clear to us that there are 3 that stand out above the rest:

On the one hand, it is clearly the most economical format, something to take very much into account depending on our type of business. On the other hand, its stackable format allows us to have a decent stock, without sacrificing much space (something that food trucks will appreciate). Finally, its grip is solid and it is also well known by customers, so you invest in confidence.

Waffle and waffle packs

Syrup, caramel and cream. Waffle packs are a product that must emit reliability and trust, because if this sweet is one of the sweetest sweets, it is also one of the ones that puts its container to the greatest test.

A disposable container for pancakes is usually a real work of pastry engineering, whose main characteristics are:

  • High resistance to fats, sauces and creams (in a waffle, they are never lacking!).
  • Waffle, waffle, bubble waffle... there are various formats for different types of this dessert.
  • Aesthetic finish: a waffle is eaten through the eyes. Don't make the wrong choice of waffle holder!
  • Sustainable manufacturing, to reduce the carbon footprint

As if that wasn't enough, there are a multitude of designs, customisability and formats, so that your waffle containers are able to meet the challenge of getting your customers to eat the contents without smearing.

Bubble waffle packaging

Bubble waffle packaging is one of the most powerful innovations in the sector and also one of the most demanded by customers with a sweet tooth.

Bubble waffle can be served in different formats, but without a doubt the best suited is the waffle container, as it allows you to enjoy this dessert without getting stained while at the same time allowing freedom of movement to combine with a spoon.

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