Paper & Sugarcane Cutlery

By buying paper cutlery or sugar cane cutlery, your catering business is betting on the sustainability of an essential product for restaurants with take away and delivery service, ice cream parlours, organisation of outdoor events, corporate catering and a long etcetera. These cellulose forks, spoons and knives stand out among the most ecological options.

They are rigid, hygienic and with a resistance that will make your guests enjoy their dishes without any problem. What's more, they are pleasant in the mouth, which is essential.

  • Disposable and biodegradable
  • Good resistance and rigidity
  • The newest eco alternative
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Practical and sustainable, pulp cutlery

Looking for a sustainable alternative to disposable plastic cutlery for your business, event or celebration? We have the perfect eco-friendly solution for you! Pulp cutlery is the latest addition to the biodegradable cutlery family, however, it is the latest addition to the family of biodegradable cutlery, as it is single-use, ergonomic and 100% sustainable.

At Monouso, we offer a wide selection of biodegradable cutlery made from renewable materials such as cardboard or sugar cane. They are also fully biodegradable and compostable, which means they will decompose naturally without harming the environment. Make your choice today and contribute to a more sustainable future!

Thanks to their strength, these cardboard cutlery and sugar cane cutlery sets are able to withstand a wide variety of foods without breaking, making them a convenient choice for any event or celebration.

The cardboard or sugar cane spoons, forks and knives have an ergonomic shape that allows a correct and easy use of this cellulose cutlery. This allows you to prick, cut and drag liquids comfortably. Not only that, but your customers will feel a pleasant mouth feel without adding any other flavour to their food.

Buy your pulp cutlery at Monouso

More and more food chains and catering establishments are opting for this disposable paper cutlery or sugar cane cutlery due to the great acceptance they have among customers. The important thing about cutlery is that it fulfils its function: that it does not add flavour and that it lasts throughout the meal.

At Monouso, we know how important comfort is in everyday life, and that is why we have selected our cardboard and sugar cane cutlery to be as comfortable as they are functional. This cutlery is disposable, which means you don't have to worry about cleaning it after use. Your customers simply dispose of them in the appropriate container and that's it, that's it!

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