Paper Cutlery Pocket Fold Napkin

Can you imagine being able to combine the convenience of keeping the cutlery of your service, take away or delivery in perfect order and also save time and offer the best option for your customers to clean themselves comfortably? Well, with kangaroo paper napkins for cutlery you will get just what you need.

But what makes them unique?

  • Easy to transport and store: you can easily stack them in your warehouse and they will be ready to use and in perfect condition whenever you need them.
  • Economical: their price is much lower than cloth napkins.
  • Extra hygiene: your customers will receive their cutlery clean and in perfect condition, as they will not have been handled excessively by staff or come into contact with other surfaces such as tables.
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Paper napkins with pocket

If you are looking to combine the versatility and goodness of paper napkins for your business, but also to offer all the comfort to your customers while they enjoy their meal, the kangaroo napkins for cutlery will surprise you with their quality and wide variety of options they offer you. On the other hand, they are highly absorbent, which makes them very resistant and, in short, all-terrain napkins.

You will be able to choose between different models, sizes, finishes and colours, which will allow you to choose the most suitable option taking into account your needs, but also the style of your premises and the spirit of your brand and business, in order to achieve the perfect match. Softness and elegance in equal parts, in short.

As they are recyclable, you can easily dispose of them in the corresponding container to promote sustainability.

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