Reusable Plastic Champagne Flutes

A cheerful toast needs glasses to match. These models are very elegant and offer great resistance and sobriety, with a very shiny finish. If you need items with a sophisticated aesthetic and quality, surprise your customers with this collection. In addition, there is a wide variety of colours for the foot. Easily combined with any theme!

Buying these glasses gives you a solution for serving cava that is difficult to break and very easy to assemble.

  • Red, lilac, blue, gold, black... Lots of stem colours to choose from!
  • Crystal clear appearance
  • Easy to assemble
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These glasses are a practical solution for serving cava and champagne in an appropriate way in your hotel and restaurant establishment, catering business or party. Made of glass polystyrene, they combine the best attributes of glass and plastic. As a result, they have a crystal clear appearance.

In addition to their transparency, another of their most important characteristics are their rigidity and thermal insulation. They allow the temperature of the drink to be maintained for as long as possible without affecting the taste of the drink. This is helped by the fact that your customers and guests can hold them by the stem, without touching the goblet.

These glasses do not forget that the bubbles in the cava should be the real stars of the service. Their stylised shape allows the bubbles to travel a long way, preserving them for longer without losing quality. Your customers will be able to enjoy their favourite drink with all its exquisite flavour. Moreover, they are easy to dispose of after use, which simplifies the organisation of cleaning and general collection.

Buy plastic glasses for cava

At Monouso we have a wide range of one and two-piece glasses (quick and easy to assemble), for all kinds of occasions. Among them, we offer plastic cava glasses in many styles, colours and materials. All of them with class and style without giving up the convenience of a disposable product, which, let's not forget, is recyclable.

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