Microwavable PP plastic containers

The PP Microwaveable Trays, are ideal for events and celebrations where it is necessary the use of microwaves; because these Plastic Trays are suitable for its use since, its high resistance allows that these Microwaveable Trays support high temperatures without deforming or breaking. Made of Polypropylene, you will find Rectangular Trays, Oval Trays and Trays with Compartments available in a huge variety of colors and sizes to adapt to any situation, exposing your food in a very hygienic and elegant way.

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The Microwaveable Trays come to break the old myth that Plastic Dishes cannot be put in the microwave, since this type of Disposable Product, due to its manufacture in Polypropylene is a very resistant Plastic Tray that can withstand high temperatures without deforming and, therefore, it is a Microwaveable Tray.

Available in different sizes and colours, in Monouso you will find Rectangular Trays, Oval Trays and Trays with Compartments that, with different finishes, will adapt to all your needs. Find Plastic Catering Trays, Plastic Catering Trays and Plastic Party Trays.

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Let yourself be surprised by our Microwaveable Plastic Trays and find a quality, comfortable and very hygienic service that will allow you to enjoy an ideal Table Decoration thanks to the great variety of Plastic Trays that you will find in this category.

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