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Find all kinds of poke containers ideal for this new Hawaiian food trend.

This simple, uncomplicated dish has become famous for being an explosion of flavour. It is both light and refreshing, as it is a cold dish made up of a combination of ingredients including: white rice, raw or marinated fish (tuna, salmon), avocado, mame, mango, onion, tomato, pineapple, sesame, seaweed... all fresh and natural!

We invite you to discover Monouso's poke take away packaging section, where you will find a model to suit your style and needs.

  • Enhance the visual appeal of fresh ingredients
  • Preserve freshness
  • Moisture resistant
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Poke containers or pokes boxes are disposable containers specially designed to preserve poke salads. With them you can hold, transport, protect, preserve and present this type of food.

As you have already seen, there are many options that we offer so that you can carry out the take away service with all the guarantees. So that you can make the right choice, we are going to explain all the characteristics of the containers in our catalogue that you can use to transport your poke as if it were freshly made.

Poke take away food containers

Poke is characterised by its bright colours and mix of flavours. This salad of raw fish, chicken or whatever tasty ingredients your customers can think of has already captivated millions of people around the world, although it is still an unknown dish for many. Since 2016, more than 1,000 restaurants have opened in the United States offering this dish, and in Spain the word "poke" is attracting more and more interest on Google, where it is searched for an average of 70 times a month.

Show everyone how your poke matches the colours of your poke with our transparent packaging that you can display in your establishment or use for transport in take away orders. Make sure this food stays trendy by relying on the best materials for transport:

  • Poke containers made of PET plastic allow you to see the contents: PET plastic is one of the most commonly used materials for transporting food. It is strong, lightweight and allows the contents to be seen with its high degree of crystallinity. This plastic acts as a barrier against moisture, which is very important for preserving fresh food such as fish or the typical poke vegetables. In our offer you will find different versions of PET plastic, of all of them, we would like to highlight APET as the most crystalline plastic in this category and with which all the ingredients of your poke will be perfectly visible.
  • Sugar cane, ecological and perfect for transporting vegetables: Sugar cane containers are the most ecological option in this sector. They are manufactured in an environmentally friendly way, with the remains of the sugar cane (the remaining juice, bagasse). Many vegetable growers rely on this material to store their produce, so they are an excellent choice as containers for transporting poke salads, as vegetables are one of their basic ingredients.
  • Our poke cartons are lightweight and liquid resistant: We know how important it is for a take away container to be easy to transport and not cause damage, so we focus on working with lightweight, resistant and waterproof cartons. Poke salad dressings will not be a problem, as liquids will not get through. These boxes are easy to handle and stand out for their versatility, as you will find them in different finishes and colours.

Poke salads can be prepared in many ways, so we offer a wide range of materials for you to choose from to suit your recipe and your premises - both for home delivery and for serving directly on the premises. Whatever material you choose, the qualities of the poke will remain in perfect condition until the moment of consumption.

Take away boxes for poke

The containers we offer are not only designed for take away or home delivery businesses, but have a whole range of other uses for which they are perfectly suited, the most common being:

  • Poke packaging for events
  • Poke packs for shop displays
  • Poke packs for fast food outlets
  • Poke packaging for picnics and outdoor events
  • Poke packaging for supermarkets
  • Poke packaging for food fruck

One of the most outstanding features of our poke packaging is its reliability in transport. Your customers often buy poke to take to work or picnics and your delivery drivers will be moving it around curvy areas, so don't worry, our poke containers are designed for this type of use. Our poke containers are lightweight and the lids are secure, designed to prevent the contents from spilling into the diner's or delivery person's bag. We have plastic lids, flaps and hinges that provide a secure drip-proof seal.

The colours of the poke salads are bright, attractive and contrast with each other. Your customers will be delighted when they see them and may be more willing to eat them if they can admire the appearance of your pokes. We want you to show your salads to the diners in the best possible way, that's why we offer the option of using poke bowls. We know that food is for the eyes and we want our containers to be able to serve as decorative elements that help to whet the appetite.

Eco-friendly poke containers

One of the added values that you can give to your business is to include ecological elements, since the population is becoming more and more aware of the environmental problem. The latest UN study, involving more than one million people from 193 countries, concluded that people are 68% more concerned about the environment than they were ten years ago.

For many of your diners, it will be a priority for your establishment to have biodegradable options. Don't forget to include an eco-friendly alternative in your packaging options to be in tune with your diners . This may be the push they need to buy your product.

At Monouso we have different sustainable poke packaging and our options include those made from sugar cane or kraft cardboard. Look for the one that suits you best and don't hesitate to include it in your shop.

Poke take away packaging

The design of a container is key, not only to keep the contents in optimal conditions, but also to highlight the most striking qualities of the food. The different poke packaging designs we offer always try to strike a balance between these two important aspects of your business:

  • If your aim is to represent the traditional character of the poke in the context of the Hawaiian culture, bamboo is an excellent choice. Bamboo grows naturally in Hawaii, so presenting the poke in this type of packaging will give it a very traditional character that the customer will appreciate.
  • Poke is a natural food that comes from the sea and the land. If you are looking for a packaging that is rustic and functional, use the containers we offer in earthy colours. The kraft finish of our cartons brings out the natural beauty of the ingredients.
  • Looking for your poke ingredients not to move around in the container during transport? Use PET hinged containers to ensure that the food arrives just as you sent it to the consumer, who will enjoy all the beauty of the contents. The closure of this type of container is extremely secure, and once the poke is compacted inside, it will be difficult for the contents to move.

We know that poke is an aesthetic food and we want to highlight this unique value through our packaging. With our packaging design you will be able to cover all your needs without neglecting the aesthetic aspect.

Monouso, poke packaging supplier

More and more people have an accelerated pace of life, therefore, the demand for take away food is growing every year. At Monouso we are aware of this, which is why we have become an excellent supplier of take away packaging for a wide range of products, including poke.

Do you need a poke packaging supplier that meets all your needs satisfactorily? At Monouso you will find the perfect packaging in our extensive catalogue.

Poke is a traditional Hawaiian food that has historically served as a simple snack and side dish within the archipelago's borders. Poke translates as "cut" and refers to the action of slicing raw fish, the staple of this recipe.

Over the years, the archipelago began to trade with other nations, most notably Japan and China, and this mixing of cultures led to the evolution of poke, which is why it is now seasoned with soy sauce or sesame oil. Poke continues to evolve and nowadays it is a dish that accepts many changes and to which each person has been able to give their own personal touch.

It is a quick, simple and tasty food that has crossed borders to spread around the world a few years ago, but what still attracts us to it is its folkloric and exotic character. At Monouso we understand the historical importance of this traditional food and we want to reflect this in our packaging.

Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team if you need more information about our poke packaging.

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