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Paper Plates

The perfect dishes for both professional and private events, as well as gatherings with family and friends? We have them. Our cardboard plates are ideal for one simple reason: use them, enjoy your meal and then dispose of them in a convenient way, safe in the knowledge that you won't harm the environment. In the end, if they help you save time and money, how can you not count on them?

We have a multitude of models of paper plates. Those that resist without any problem in the freezer, biodegradable plates without any type of plastic lamination, microwaveable plates and, the most important and common to all of them is that they will resist fats and oils without any problem.

Take a look at this section and discover how easy it is to buy cardboard plates in different colours and sizes to suit any situation.

  • They are very light and robust
  • They take up very little space when stacked
  • Trendy designs in matt and glossy finishes
  • With the right treatment they resist oily and greasy foods
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In white for more informal celebrations and in silver and gold for more sophisticated ones, these cardboard plates are available in different sizes to serve everything from first canapés to desserts, main and main courses. An option of elegant disposable plates for any event that you can easily combine with models made of other materials such as disposable palm leaf plates.

Biodegradable cardboard plates

Monouso' s eco-friendly cardboard plates are all you need because of their many advantages. On the one hand, despite being disposable cardboard plates, they can hold liquids without softening or breaking, so you can serve food with sauces and broths with complete peace of mind.

And on the other hand, they are extremely strong, so they can handle heavy foods such as meat or pasta without any problems. And as a rule, they are suitable for heating in the microwave! What more could you ask for from disposable cardboard plates?

What's more, the Kraft cardboard plate range offers you the most sustainable option: biodegradable and compostable. They are not compatible with microwaves or ovens, but you can use them in freezers. They are food contact certified and can withstand dry, wet, acidic and fatty foods without any problems.

Don't think twice!

Paper plates

Save time and money and gain convenience with cheap disposable paper plates, because after your party you won't have to clean up for hours. You can combine them with paper plates to create a varied but equally ecological and recyclable collection.

At Monouso we give you the best solutions when it comes to buying disposable paper plates and their complements, such as paper plates.

We have a wide range of styles available for you to choose the one that best suits your preferences and needs in colourful and elegant paper plates, and many other types, such as compostable plates. We sell to both individuals and companies in packs of different units depending on the volume you need. And for the cheapest price on the internet guaranteed!

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