Bamboo Spoon 9cm (100 Units)

Ref 4255-100
    Bamboo Spoon 9cm (100 Units)
    • Bamboo Spoon 9cm (100 Units)
    • Bamboo Spoon 9cm (100 Units)
    • Bamboo Spoon 9cm (100 Units)
    • Bamboo Spoon 9cm (100 Units)
    • Bamboo Spoon 9cm (100 Units)
    • Bamboo Spoon 9cm (100 Units)
    100 Units   €7.88 0,079€/Ud
    €7.88 (tax incl.) 0,079€/Ud
    Price per box of 100 units

    Ref 4255-100

    • Bamboo
    • 100

    Bamboo Spoon of 9 cm with an original and unique design that will adapt to any situation.

    • Made of bamboo, it is biodegradable and recyclable.
    • Resistant and hygienic, it allows you to enjoy your dish without leaving any taste in the food.
    • Suitable for hot and cold food.
    • eing its natural colour, it can vary its tonality, making each Spoon unique and giving an ecological and organic touch.
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    Bamboo coffee spoon: functionality, sustainability and strength

    Looking for a disposable and original coffee spoon at the same time? Our bamboo cutlery is the perfect solution to combine elegance, sustainability and resistance. You will transform your table into a place of charm and ecological awareness where coffees and infusions become a statement of respect for our planet, all this combined with trend.

    Our bamboo spoon is perfect for stirring coffee and supporting the weight of sugar or sweets without the risk of bending, breaking or splintering, making every spoonful a unique experience. It has an ergonomic design that facilitates a comfortable grip and will become an indispensable item on your table, going beyond functionality.

    The most eco-friendly solution for your business

    Made of bamboo, 100% natural, rigid and durable. It is a fast-growing material, which makes it one of the most sustainable options on the market. Being of natural origin, the bamboo spoon will provide a greater sense of cleanliness and hygiene.

    Don't settle for conventional! Add a touch of naturalness to your business with a 100% biodegradable and compostable cutlery without any chemical treatment. Become a benchmark in the eco-friendly catering sector, without worrying about its resistance, because bamboo cutlery is designed to withstand your best recipes, no matter what they are.

    Cuchara de Bambú 9cm (50 Uds)

    Cuchara de Bambú 9cm (50 Uds)

    Choose Eco spoons

    Choosing our bamboo spoons can be a smart strategy to make your business stand out. Their attractive design and commitment to sustainability can attract environmentally conscious customers who want authentic and responsible products. Dare to make a difference with our bamboo tableware.

    Thanks to the distinctive colour and texture of bamboo, you will give your business an eco-friendly touch. Moreover, you will offer your customers the opportunity to contribute to the care of the environment.

    Quality disposable tableware

    At Monouso, we have put all our knowledge as experienced manufacturers into providing you with the best biodegradable tableware. That is why we have carefully chosen this fantastic bamboo spoon to guarantee an exceptional dining experience and to take care of every detail. This spoon not only meets our quality standards, but is also convenient for your wallet and the environment - a winning combination!

    Can we help you choose the perfect bamboo coffee spoon for your business?

    We know how difficult it can be to choose the ideal bamboo cutlery for your business. The products of our brand, Monouso, come with our guarantee; as great experts in the field. We are committed to the hotel, restaurant and catering industry.

    If you have any questions, the Monouso customer service will be happy to listen to you and help you solve any problems.

    Data sheet

    Colour Natural
    Total Dimensions 9 cm
    Material Bamboo
    Product type Cuchara
    Total capacity 165 mm
    Intrastat 14011000
    Length 16,5 cm
    Packs per Box 24
    Price for 100
    Units per Pack 100 ct
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