Paper Food Containers

Buying paper food containers is important for hospitality, restaurant and catering businesses. Monouso's wide range of cardboard food containers allows you to buy food cartons for all types of food such as burgers, pizzas or even complete menus! All of these options are perfectly suited to today's need for fast food containers.

Being single-use cartons, these options offer you a full hygienic guarantee. In addition, the versatility and strength of this material means that you can use these microwaveable containers. If your business is in the Horeca channel (Hotels - Restaurants - Cafeterias), our cardboard containers are made for you.

  • Flexible, robust, light and very hygienic.
  • All shapes and sizes to meet your restaurant's delivery needs.
  • Biodegradable and recyclable
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Cardboard packaging for food

At Monouso we offer all kinds of very specific cardboard containers for your catering business. These disposable containers are very convenient to carry and allow you to taste the food at the moment and from the same cardboard container.

These cardboard take away food containers are resistant and prevent grease from getting through, so your customers will not stain their food.

The cardboard of our containers is flexible, robust and very resistant, to withstand all types of food with fats, oils and sauces for a long time. Despite all this resistance, it is very light and stackable, making it very easy to store and transport. This is helped by the fact that they are foldable food containers, so they take up very little space.

It is also harmless, it does not alter the flavours of your food so that it reaches your customers in perfect condition and with all the flavour of your secret recipe. In addition, they have isothermal properties that make them hygienic and hyper-comfortable, making them an ideal choice for transporting all kinds of hot or cold food. This is because they maintain the optimum temperature of the food for longer. In home delivery, food arriving as if it has just been delivered from your kitchen is essential to ensure quality service.

With cardboard fast food boxes, your customers will receive their hamburger boxes, noodles or fried food at home, just as they were when you served them.

Cardboard food containers

They are not only a perfect option for delivery, but also for other types of businesses such as bakeries or patisseries, where the goods, both sweet and savoury, are protected in different cardboard food containers. In addition, it is also frequently used:

  • Cardboard packaging for leftovers from a diner in your restaurant.
  • Cardboard packaging for hot dishes in catering establishments
  • Cardboard packaging for food in catering services
  • Cardboard packaging for serving ice cream and frozen yoghurts for take away
  • Cardboard packaging for popcorn in cinemas, shows and fairs
  • Cardboard containers for sauces and dips
  • White disposable paper containers
  • Pleated paper containers

The versatility of cardboard packaging allows you to use it for a multitude of situations where you need to transport and protect food, both for direct sales in your premises and for home delivery. Food containers give you all these advantages but also add style and the added value of being a biodegradable and sustainable material.

Kraft cardboard models are not only functional, they also give an elegant, handcrafted, natural and ECO touch to the services you offer.

Cardboard packaging for take-away food

The delicacy of professional food packaging allows you to serve a wide variety of food in all the shapes and volumes you need. With our food containers you will cover all your needs and surprise your customers with modern, hygienic and multi-purpose packaging.

Whether you are serving fruit, liquids or hot food, in Monouso's extensive catalogue you will find the perfect online packaging for every type of food. We have a wide range of products, which will make your food look better and taste like freshly made.

We have recyclable cardboard, kraft cardboard - biodegradable and sustainable. You can choose from the thousands of disposable cardboard packaging in our online shop. We have personalised support that you can consult at any time on our site.

Biodegradable cardboard packaging

envases de cartón The paper containers in our shop are environmentally friendly with 100% biodegradable options, i.e. they have the ability to degrade due to the action of the environment over a certain period of time. More and more customers are taking into account not only the good taste and good prices of your dishes, but also the sustainability of the packaging in which you present them.

In this respect, the myth about the most environmentally friendly packaging has already fallen. Our biodegradable food containers are proof that you can combine sustainability with design. And don't forget variety!

You can choose from a wide range of eco-friendly cardboard packaging alternatives in printed or kraft brown. In different sizes and shapes to accommodate all types of food, dry and liquid. Hot and cold.

Take away food boxes

Take away catering is booming, so we offer you the ideal take away food boxes to suit your business needs. Our food containers are suitable for all types of cuisine. For example, they are ideal as Chinese noodle boxes, wok boxes or oriental food boxes.

We have design take away boxes, kraft cardboard boxes and also customised food boxes in different sizes and shapes depending on your needs. The cardboard food boxes we offer at Monouso are the packaging you need to ensure that customers can take the products to their table, or home, without losing their quality.

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