Sandwich Bags

How could the best-seller of the bars of all times not have a bag of its own? Sandwich bags are one of the most commonly used products in take away service establishments, as well as for those sandwich shops that want to serve their star dish in the most convenient way.

What do you need for your business? At Monouso we have a wide variety of these paper sandwich wrappers:

  • White, kraft or printed to give a fun touch to your presentations, and even with a window.
  • Versatile: open to eat your sandwich on the spot or closed, so you can take it with you comfortably.
  • Perfect for hot or cold sandwiches .
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The versatile sandwich bags

A convenient way to serve your sandwiches, paninis or hot dogs? It has never been easier to provide a complete and hygienic service to customers who want to enjoy a tasty sandwich than with our sustainable paper bags.

Their dual function of protecting your preparations and allowing your customers to enjoy your sandwiches on the go without getting dirty, make paper sandwich bags the perfect accessory you need for your business.

Which of our sandwich bags best suits your business?

It depends. Our catalogue is so wide that it covers all kinds of needs. If you want your customers to taste your sandwiches as soon as you serve them, you can opt for the open sandwich bags, but if, on the other hand, you want them to be able to transport them comfortably and savour them at the moment they decide, it is better to opt for the closed paper sandwich bags, which will allow you to protect your preparation completely.

Cuttlefish sandwiches, sausages, meat in sauce, squid, pork loin and cheese, potato omelette. No matter what fillings you offer on your menu, the best solution for a service with local collection or home delivery are paper sandwich bags. Our sandwich wrapping paper is greaseproof and will prevent your customers from staining their hands when transporting or tasting your sandwiches.

Remember, buying paper sandwich bags at Monouso is synonymous with peace of mind, security and confidence in your purchase. What's more, you'll find cheap paper sandwich bags: at the best price and with the best quality.

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