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Bread Bags

Who doesn't like to enjoy freshly baked bread? As we know it's a real pleasure, at Monouso we have bread bags, ideal for preserving the flavour and texture of your loaves of bread. Would you like us to tell you more about the advantages of our paper bags for bakery?

  • They are perfect for different types of bread: bags for ciabatta bread, bags for Galician bread, bags for baguettes and many other types of bread.
  • We have various types of paper bread bags in different sizes.
  • Plain or with various prints, and even with a window, you are sure to find the one that best suits your business.
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The best paper bags for storing bread

Who has never been to a bakery and on the way home enjoyed a piece of bread fresh from the oven? Make sure that the person who buys it is not the only one who enjoys the taste of freshly baked bread.

With paper bakery bags your bread will reach the table with all its properties.

Why are paper bags better for storing bread?

Quite simply. Compared to plastic bags that cause the moisture contained in the bread to condense inside, making the crust soft and unappetising, sustainable paper bags are the most suitable packaging for bread, as they preserve the texture and temperature of freshly baked bread in perfect condition and are easy for the customer to carry.

Not only that, but paper bags are also 100% recyclable, so serving and buying bread in these bags also helps to protect the environment.

Bakery paper bags

We know how important it is to have excellent packaging for your bread and we know how many types of bread loaves a bakery can have, so we have a wide range of paper bags to suit all needs, so don't worry.

Whatever your speciality, we have wider bags for your customers to enjoy a delicious artisan bread or Galician bread or bags for baguettes, with a special length so that these loaves do not protrude from the bag and, therefore, are fully protected until they reach their destination.

You can find them ready-made or printed with mowing, bread or sweets. You can also have your bread bags personalised so that everyone knows where the best bread is made in your town, don't you think it's a perfect solution? You have a wide range of paper bakery bags to choose from!

Indulge your customers, buy our paper bags and let them enjoy their delicious shopping.

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