Bread T-shirt Bag Home Compost “Bakery” 30x60cm 14µm (2.000 Units)

Ref 13784-100-20
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Bread T-shirt Bag Home Compost “Bakery” 30x60cm (2.000 Units)
  • Bread T-shirt Bag Home Compost “Bakery” 30x60cm (2.000 Units)
  • Bread T-shirt Bag Home Compost “Bakery” 30x60cm (2.000 Units)
  • Bread T-shirt Bag Home Compost “Bakery” 30x60cm (2.000 Units)
  • Bread T-shirt Bag Home Compost “Bakery” 30x60cm (2.000 Units)
  • Bread T-shirt Bag Home Compost “Bakery” 30x60cm 14µm (2.000 Units)
2.000 Units €169.60 -20% €135.60 0,068€/Ud
€169.60 -20%
€135.60 (tax incl.) 0,068€/Ud
Price per box of 2.000 units

Ref 13784-100-20

  • Tapioca starch (Yucca)
  • 2.000

Bread bag with handles, made of Bio-Plastic Home Compost with measures 30x60cm. Renewable vegetable materials.

  • 100% compostable and biodegradable.
  • The sustainable alternative to traditional plastic bags.
  • Very practical and easy to open, with resistant carrying handles.
  • Suitable for food contact: perfect for bakeries.
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Ideal for your bakery: the"bakery" T-shirt bags

The eco-friendly alternative

Resistance, comfort and sustainability for your customers to transport their bread to their homes? Of course it's possible. These T-shirt bags are made from 100% vegetable-based materials such as tapioca starch, one of the most sustainable materials for the creation of this type of product.

The properties of the biodegradable bags are the same as the classic plastic bags, i.e. they have the same flexibility, resistance and impermeability . But what is the great advantage of having biodegradable market bags in your shop? Both you and your customers will be contributing to sustainability and care for the environment. They have the EN 12432 certification and the Ok Home Compost seal, which certifies that they are compostable at home.

Unique design, perfect for your bakery

A design that suits all types of bakeries and also gives an original touch? Our "bakery" design will be the best option for your customers to transport their loaves of bread in a unique way.

Bolsa camiseta para pan biodegradable

Bolsa para pan sostenibles

To transport your loaf of bread in a comfortable way

Surely you have seen and used them countless times, but do you know the main features of the T-shirt bread bags? Their design is carefully thought out so that your customers can comfortably transport their loaf of bread with total hygiene and safety, and you can dispose of them quickly, as they are easy to open.

Not only are they sustainable, they are also resistant

These T-shirt bags have a thickness of 14 µm, which makes them ideal for use in any shop or establishment, and especially for bakeries and patisseries thanks to their careful design. Suitable for food contact, these 40cm wide (including the 10cm gusset) and 60cm high (including the 12cm handles) bags are perfect for transporting any type of bread or roll, whatever the size, without incident.


Can we help you choose the perfect bags for your business?

We know how difficult it can be to choose the right bags for your business. The products in our sustainable range, Greenuso, come with our guarantee as experts in the sector. Our commitment is to provide you with solutions that make it easier for you to provide the services you offer in your hotel, restaurant or catering establishment.

If you have any questions, Monouso customer service will be happy to listen and advise you, do not hesitate to call us!

Data sheet

Colour Translucent
Total Dimensions 30x60 cm
Design Bakery
Material Tapioca starch (Yucca)
Product type Bag with Handles
Intrastat 11081440
Micronage 14 µm
Packs per Box 20
Price for 2.000
Units per Pack 100 ct
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