Clear Reusable PS Plastic Cups

Economical, resistant and with a characteristic appearance that makes them look like a glass tumbler. PS Crystal cups are made of polystyrene, which gives them the characteristic transparent and rigid finish.

Stackable, clean and lightweight: these economical polystyrene crystal cups will equip you for any special occasion. You can use them for birthday parties, ceremonies, events, picnics, family meals, barbecues and much more.

  • Transparency and shine
  • Resistance
  • Recyclable
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Ready to create a domino effect in your venue? Prepare and serve your most special drinks or cocktails in these transparent PS Crystal cups economical and, when your customers enjoy them, they will attract more people thanks to their absolute transparency and visual appeal.

Use them as beer cups, water cups, ice-cream or slush cups, ice-cream cups, etc.

PS Crystal Cups

Made of the highest quality materials, these economical polystyrene crystal glasses are rigid, transparent and shiny. In addition, they are very comfortable to handle and can be easily stacked, so they take up much less storage space.

Their convenience doesn't end there, as they are disposable, you will save time and money when collecting and cleaning them at your big events.

In our catalogue you can find polystyrene glass cups (PS) in a variety of sizes and with lids, ideal for serving drinks to go. Therefore, they are ideal for take away businesses.

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