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Command Book with Duplicate and Stripes 10x15cm (200 Units)

Ref 8941-10-20
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Command Book with Duplicate and Stripes 10x15cm (200 Units)
  • Command Book with Duplicate and Stripes 10x15cm (200 Units)
200 Units €155.00 -20% €124.00 0,620€/Ud
€155.00 -20%
124,00 (tax incl.) 0,620€/Ud
Price per box of 200 units

Ref 8941-10-20

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The Command Book is the best way for a waiter to take the commands of the diners without making mistakes. And thanks to its pocket size of 10x15cm, it allows you to do a job more efficiently and easily.

This Barman's Block is glued on the top to keep the sheets attached while allowing them to be separated easily without breaking the paper.

It stands out for its duplicated paper that works by means of tracing paper. This way you can manage the table with the original and keep the copy for the kitchen.

The price is for the box of 200 Units.

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Order books: the key to efficient order management

Order books: the key to efficient order management

In the hospitality industry, efficient and accurate management of orders is essential. This is where order books become indispensable tools. These handy notebooks are not just paper; they are the link between kitchen, service staff and customers, ensuring that every order is placed clearly and efficiently. With order books, you organise and streamline the ordering process, improving the customer experience and optimising the work of your staff. They are perfect for restaurants, bars, cafés and any establishment that values accuracy and speed in their service.

Our order books are made from high quality paper, designed to withstand the daily hustle and bustle of the hospitality industry. This sturdy, easy-to-write paper ensures that orders remain legible and in good condition, even on the busiest of days. In addition, the quality of the paper ensures that copies are clear and crisp, avoiding misunderstandings or errors in orders.

Why choose our order books?

  • Clarity in every order: write easily and get clear copies, eliminating mistakes and confusion.
  • Withstanddaily use: paper designed to withstand the pace of the hospitality industry, maintaining the integrity of each order.
  • Improves service efficiency: streamlines communication between kitchen and dining room, optimising time and improving customer satisfaction.

Data sheet

Colour White
Total Dimensions 10x15cm
Material Paper
Product type Gloves
Uses Appetizer
Disposable SI
Family Monouso
Intrastat 48239040
Recyclable Si
Type Vestuario
Packs per Box 20
Price for 200
Dimensions 13 x 18 cm
Units per Pack 10 ct
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