Disposable Beard Cover

Do you work in a sector where hygiene and safety are paramount and you wear a beard? From our entire selection of disposable clothing, these beard covers are the product you are looking for. They are a very practical and economical idea to avoid having to shave your beard for hygiene reasons. Our disposable beard covers are characterised for being:

  • Comfortable and convenient: disposable beard covers are designed to be used without problems during long working days.
  • Full chin coverage with beard: they offer maximum coverage, ensuring that there is no contact between the hair and the products being handled.
  • Breathable: the design and materials of our beard covers allow the skin to breathe without any problems.
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Beard covers to avoid contamination

Disposable beard coverings are an indispensable item for men who work in a sector where hygiene is of vital importance. In kitchens, food or chemical industries, medical-hospital sectors or laboratories, a contamination could be a catastrophe and a big loss of income. But beard masks are your salvation.

Here are some of the advantages of our disposable beard masks:

  • They prevent you from having to shave
  • Improve hygiene
  • No risk of contamination
  • They are very light

Practical disposable beard covers

Thanks to the materials and design of our practical disposable beard trimmers, you won't have any discomfort when working. They are also breathable and will allow you to be much cooler than with other similar products.

Don't worry about contaminating your preparations. With Monouso's disposable beard covers you can guarantee maximum safety and hygiene wherever you go, in a quick, simple and economical way. Check out our catalogue!

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