Disposable TableWare X-Table

The X-Table Crockery is an Unbreakable Plastic Crockery with a modern and futuristic design in different colours, which offers an exquisite service to those who have any of the Plastic Cups, Plastic Plates or Plastic Trays that make up this range. The X-Table Crockery is a flexible and unbreakable Microwaveable Crockery thanks to the injected and thermoformed Polypropylene with which it is made. We offer you the perfect disposable kitchen products for the little ones in the house, as they avoid cuts and wounds, as they are unbreakable.

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Disposable TableWare X-Table White

Disposable TableWare X-Table Black

Disposable TableWare X-Table Red

Disposable TableWare X-Table Golden

The X-table Crockery is a Microwaveable Disposable Crockery, made of Polypropylene with a modern design and ideal for catering, events, children's parties and all kinds of events and outdoor businesses. This Microwaveable Plastic Tableware offers from X-Table Plastic Plates, X-Table Plastic Bags and X-Table Plastic Cups, to X-Table Plastic Trays and Plastic Trays with Compartments, ideal for serving different snacks.

Our Microwaveable Disposable Tableware, in different colors and models, is perfect for use at picnic sites, swimming pools, beaches or simply to be used at any party without fear of breakage, as it is considered a Reusable Tableware.

No more problems when it comes to constantly renewing the tableware due to chipping or unfortunate falls at outdoor cocktail parties, besides being an unbeatable solution for places located in swimming pools or beaches, since we will avoid breaking a thousand pieces of porcelain trays with the danger that this entails. And of course the great advantage for the waiters and waitresses that in the events have to transport the small tastings in heavy trays.

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