Foil Pan 2400ml 32,8x26,4cm (70 Units)

Ref 5219-70
    Foil Pan 2400ml 32,8x26,4cm
    • Foil Pan 2400ml 32,8x26,4cm
    • Foil Pan 2400ml 32,8x26,4cm (70 Units)
    70 Units   €45.37 0,648€/Ud
    €45.37 (tax incl.) 0,648€/Ud
    Price per box of 70 units

    Ref 5219-70

    • Aluminium
    • Rectangular
    • Yes
    • Si
    • 70

    Foil Pan 2400ml 32,8x26,4cm (70 Units)

    The price is for a pack of 70 Units

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    Aluminium trays: unbeatable presentation

    Aluminium trays: unbeatable presentation

    Looking for a versatile ally in the kitchen? Imagine having a single container that not only serves to present and heat your dishes, but also to transport them safely. With aluminium trays, bring the essence and quality of your cuisine directly to your customers' tables in the most practical way possible.

    What makes them so special? They are made of aluminium, a material that makes them suitable for both hot and cold food, for freezing and heating food. What more could you ask for? Your food is better preserved and presented than ever before.

    Do you like the idea of being able to heat or cook all kinds of food? We tell you more about them.

    • From cold to hot without any problems: thanks to their great thermal resistance, these aluminium containers can withstand both hot and cold temperatures, and can also be placed in the oven or freezer without any problem.
    • Homogenous heat: aluminium stands out in the kitchen because of its exceptional ability to distribute heat evenly. Whether you are cooking or heating your food, this material guarantees even heat distribution.
    • Strong but light: despite being a lightweight material, aluminium is surprisingly strong. This combination of lightness and robustness makes it easy to handle and transport, while guaranteeing perfect presentations.
    • Single-use: once used, you can simply throw it away, putting an end to time-consuming and costly cleaning. Not only do you save time and resources, but you also guarantee an optimal level of hygiene in every service. Not only that, it is also fully recyclable.

    Data sheet

    Colour Metallized
    Total Dimensions 2400 ml
    Design Cooking
    Material Aluminium
    Product type Bandeja
    Base 28x21,5 cm
    Total capacity 2400 ml
    Certificates Food Contact
    Shape Rectangular
    Height 3,8 cm
    Width 26,4 cm
    Food Contact Yes
    Disposable SI
    Family Monouso
    Intrastat 39241000
    Length 32,8 cm
    Recyclable Si
    Type Containers
    Packs per Box 4
    Price for 70
    Units per Pack 70
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