Hard Disposable TableWare

Our Hard Disposable Tableware offers greater consistency and rigidity than other Traditional Plastic Tableware. Made of Polystyrene or Polypropylene depending on the product, this range of Disposable Tableware available in different colors, is ideal for celebrating theme parties, children's birthdays, weddings, and more. You can find these disposable tableware in white, black, blue, red, transparent and much more! These Disposable Extreme Rigidity Dinnerware are the perfect kitchenware for those looking for comfort and versatility without skimping on quality, but always at the best price. 

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Hard Disposable TableWare White

Hard Disposable TableWare Black

Hard Disposable TableWare Transparent

Hard Disposable TableWare Burgundy

Hard Disposable TableWare Lilac

Hard Disposable TableWare Fuchsia

Hard Disposable TableWare Orange

Hard Disposable TableWare Brown

Hard Disposable TableWare Red

Hard Disposable TableWare Yellow

Hard Disposable TableWare Green

Hard Disposable TableWare Beige

Hard Disposable TableWare Cream

Hard Disposable TableWare Turquoise

Hard Disposable TableWare Blue

Hard Disposable TableWare Silver

Hard Disposable TableWare Golden

Without a doubt, our Disposable Hard Tableware is the product most demanded by hotels, restaurants and caterers. These Rigid Plastic Tableware are ideal for elegant parties par excellence. The Extra Rigid Disposable Tableware offers many advantages and is increasingly in demand in countries like France and the United States.

The main feature of these Hard Disposable Plastic Tableware is that each Plate, Cup or Cover has a polished finish that makes the quality of these products excellent. In this section you will find Hard Disposable Plates which can be Reusable Plates, Extra Rigid Plastic Cups, which do not break when falling, Hard Disposable Cutlery, which do not break or splinter, Novotex Non-Woven Tablecloths, which will be confused with the fabric tablecloths, and an endless number of Disposables perfect for dressing your table.

The colours always reflect an intention. If you want your party to be elegant, black, gold or silver will be your great choice. If you want to give life and emotion, you will not stop counting on lime green, yellow or fuchsia. And if you want to show simplicity and beauty, the bench, the beige or the lilac will become the protagonists. The Coloured Disposable Tableware has become a perfect resource to dress any table or event in an elegant way, giving a touch of design and distinction to the moment. A great variety of colors in Napkins, Tablecloths, Cutlery, Plates, Glasses, Cups, Trays and Bags that can be combined in monochromatic or rainbow mode, always thinking about the consumer's taste.

But if this is not the Disposable Tableware you are looking for, don't forget to check our catalogue for the Economic Disposable Tableware in Colours, ideal for birthdays, anniversaries or corporate events, the Ecological Disposable Tableware, perfect for enjoying the best culinary creations without harming the environment, or the Designer Disposable Tableware, ideal when you are an artist and want your restaurant, business or presentation to have its own personality.

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