Pine Leaf Food Cones

Pine Flake Cones have become the most ecological alternative when presenting your culinary creations at any type of reception or catering. In addition to being environmentally friendly, as they are 100% biodegradable, our Disposable Cones have an oriental origin that gives them elegance and distinction. We have gone from offering fried foods and churros in cone shaped containers to serving culinary treats in these Pine Flake Cones.

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Pine Flake Cones are ideal for outdoor celebrations, where nature merges with these Biodegradable Miniatures. Great for appetizers like ham hocks, mini croquettes, chocolates or candy, our Biodegradable Cones will bring an Eco-friendly style to your table.

Perfect to be combined with our Bamboo Trays, Bamboo Plates or Biodegradable Catering Accessories, our Pine Leaf Cones, 100% natural and sustainable, will give you that original touch your party needs.

In short, the Pine Flake Cones, natural in colour and with slightly marked veins, are ideal for holding the rice or rose petals of a wedding, as well as for serving appetizers in a flirtatious way. Not to mention that they can preside over the table on display in a Cone Stand that becomes the best counter for your appetizers and canapés.

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