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Reusable plastic charger plates

Ideal for catering, these Single Use Plastic Plates are perfect for embellishing a dining table and avoiding empty spaces in the Table Decoration of your event, as well as avoiding annoying stains on the tablecloth. Add an elegant and sophisticated touch to your event with this variety of Serving Plates and you will not leave any diner indifferent. Our charger plates are cheap, comfortable and simple; focus on enjoying these disposable dishes before throwing them away forever.

  • Aesthetics and practicality
  • Lightweight and stackable
  • Glossy finish
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Charger plates

When organizing celebrations with your friends and family, you should take into account each and every detail so that they leave with a good taste in their mouths. In MonoUso we offer you a wide range of high quality and low price Underplates. They are a combination of Plastic Trays and Disposable Plates that will embellish the decoration of the environment and avoid uncomfortable empty spaces at the table. At parties, it is common to serve food at the center of the table for guests to serve themselves, so these Premium Plates will come in handy for that.

As we wanted to add a touch of elegance to our Charger Plates, we offer them in marble, gold and silver tones, so they can be part of your fancy table decoration. As for the shape, some are round, rectangular, oval or octagonal. At Monouso we work with the best materials to manufacture the Plastic LowDishes that best suit you, so they have a great resistance so you can put heavy food on them without fear of cracking or breaking.

Did you know that, according to Protocol, the LowDishes should never be seen alone? Complete your disposable tableware with Round Plastic Plates, Square Plastic Plates or Designer Plastic Plates, among others. 


These are disposable plastic plates, which means that these models will be much cheaper than those you can buy in other materials. If you're wondering whether they'll be cost-effective, the answer is yes, because you can reuse each model for different occasions, as is the case with cheap synthetic slate plates, another cost-effective solution.

The models that you can buy in bulk or in small quantities in our shop have many advantages:

  • The aesthetic factor is not at odds with customer comfort: Often, the price to pay for the most beautiful table is a trivet that ends up making life difficult for customers and staff. However, these will stand up to knocks and won't compromise the balance of the main course, as they are flat models.
  • They're lightweight and stackable: problems disappear even before you serve them at the table. They are easy to transport and can be stored stacked.
  • As elegant as traditional crockery! Yes, we know you thought they wouldn't have the same charm as a product made from another material. But that assumption is shattered just by looking at the shop. Shapes, shine, colours? All the factors that influence its design have been put to the service of elegance.

You're right, you don't see these utensils on every table where food is served. But they should be an essential part of any celebration where your portions take centre stage. But why are they tailor-made for the most special banquets?

  • Because they stand up to the most careless guests: Yes, we know that the most special gastronomic events are those that require the most guaranteed tools. And even if they're disposable, we're talking about hard plastic trivets that stand up to restaurants and events alike, even if they put the integrity of the table to the test.
  • Because their colours evoke originality and elegance: yellows, reds, lilacs, greens, blues... If we're talking about design, what is a decorative reference today may change tomorrow. But there are exceptions whose elegance never goes out of fashion. We present our models in black, gold and silver.

Disposable Christmas placemats

And just as there are colours that never go out of fashion, there are parties and banquets that never go out of fashion either. And what a coincidence! The two classics go so well together. Yes, we're talking about the colours we've just highlighted and Christmas parties. But why the best Christmas table mats at Monouso?

Add the solemnity and elegance of gold and silver to the shiny effect we talked about earlier, and you've got the perfect combination for the perfect Christmas event. But what about the shapes of these disposables?

It's likely that when you imagine the round plate you want to sit on top of it, you only think of circular-shaped gadgets. However, there are octagonal models with square edges. Don't worry, the shape of the inside is still round, so they're compatible with your fancy plastic plates, only they bring a distinctive style to your table.


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