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Waiter Cloths

Bits are the perfect addition to any waiter's uniform. They will help you to prevent drops from staining the table linen and even avoid possible incidents with diners when serving drinks and dishes. That's why at Monouso we offer you an exquisite selection that is characterised by:

  • Pre-cut rolls: for ease of use and storage.
  • Maximum absorption: they are made of high quality materials that offer maximum absorption.
  • Different colours: we have a wide variety of colours so that you can match the bibs with your staff's uniform.
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Elegant service with waiter cloths

In the world of hospitality, small details can make all the difference. That's why Monouso's waiter bibs are an excellent choice to complement the uniform of your wait staff. These bibs not only look stylish and professional, but also have a number of practical uses.

One of the main advantages of hospitality bibs is their absorbency. Made from high quality materials, these bibs are capable of absorbing large amounts of liquid, making them ideal for protecting table linen and preventing potential incidents when serving drinks and dishes.

The bartender's bibs come in pre-cut rolls, making them easy to use and store in the establishment. This means you don't have to worry about finding clean, ready-to-serve bibs, as you can easily cut them as needed and keep them organised on the roll. They also stand out for their durability, they are designed to withstand constant use in the day to day service and if they get excessively stained, don't worry. They are washable!

If you are one of those who are looking for a pristine, premium service that doesn't lack details, these hospitality lites are the perfect product for you. Use them to protect your hands from the heat of the dishes or to elegantly roll up your bottles of wine and champagne.

Protocol of the waiter cloths

According to hospitality etiquette, the waiter's lito should be elegantly wrapped around the waiter's left wrist. Whenever it gets dirty, it should be replaced with a clean one or folded so that the stains are not visible.

A waiter's toque should always be spotless. Until a few years ago, waiter's cloths were white, because of the cleanliness and purity that this colour projects. Now, with the new trends in catering and thanks to the most avant-garde chefs, waiter's cloths have evolved to all kinds of colours, including dark colours, where black is the most popular.

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