Asian Food Containers

In this category you will find the disposable containers for Chinese, Japanese and all types of Asian and Oriental food that you need to serve your dishes and preserve them in perfect conditions during transport, both for take away and delivery.

Noodle and sushi containers are the star containers in this category, together with containers for containing and transporting all types of Asian cuisine, especially dishes with rice or noodles. As a rule, they are made of cardboard or sugar cane, but you can also find recycled and even biodegradable plastic. These materials can withstand the sauces of three-delicious noodles, fried noodles, udon yakisoba or kubak rice.

  • Ideal boxes for noodles, udon, rice or sushi.
  • Resistant to sauces and oils
  • Easy to transport
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Chinese food packaging: the perfect solution

Ready to take your Asian dishes to the next level! Discover our amazing Asian food packaging!

Oriental food has carved out a privileged niche among the world's most appreciated cuisines. That's why we present a selection of restaurant packaging that will help you choose the best product to present your oriental dishes: noodles, ramen, spring rolls, fried rice, udon, soba, noodles, pad thai and a long etcetera of Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai and Asian delicacies.

The preparation of Asian food has always been closely linked to Chinese food packaging. Its presentation has always been one of its strong points and that is why the packaging is just as important as the food itself. So that you can choose the best Asian food packaging, we explain the characteristics of the materials we work with:

  • Our Chinese noodle boxes are water resistant and maintain their structure intact when in contact with liquids. They are resistant and flexible, so they perfectly support the weight of large portions and adapt to the shape of the food. They are also lightweight and have a flap-closure design for easy and safe transport.
  • The sugar cane in our noodle takeaway containers is fully biodegradable and compostable, a perfect sustainable alternative. It retains heat and odours, so your products will stay fresh and tasty for a long time. In addition, it resists moisture and high temperatures so its integrity is not compromised regardless of the food it holds. Not only that, but it also has a natural, smooth finish that matches the image of any takeaway restaurant.

Looking for the best way to transport your Chinese food disposables? At Monouso we work with a variety of materials to suit all noodle needs.

Plastic packaging for Asian food

23% of Spaniards have recently increased their consumption of home-delivered food. The increase in the purchase of plastic containers for Chinese food represents very good news for the catering sector. That is why we offer you an extensive catalogue of disposable noodle containers:

  • American cardboard noodle containers
  • Kraft noodle containers
  • Sugarcane noodle containers

Do you need a Chinese container supplier to help you meet your customers' demand? At Monouso we have various products to suit you and your customers' needs.

Types of Chinese food containers

We have already crossed off the list the materials from which our disposable noodle containers are made, but what about the uses? Don't worry, here's what you can do with these noodle boxes.

Our noodle containers preserve the freshness of food exceptionally well, because the materials retain both flavour and odour. Even if hours have passed, your customers can enjoy their food as if it had just been stir-fried in a wok.

Do your noodles come with sauces or broth? Don't worry, Monouso's Chinese, cardboard or plastic containers are resistant to humidity and high temperatures. Because of this, they do not degrade even if they come into contact with liquids. Add an extra touch of soy sauce to your orders. Your customers will thank you!

Eco-friendly containers for Chinese food

Customers are increasingly concerned about the footprint they leave on the planet. As a result, their consumption habits are being affected and organic products are on trend.

According to studies, 43% of consumers would pay more for sustainable Asian takeaway packaging. Sugar cane, bamboo or cotton are some of the most commonly used compostable materials. The green market is all the rage. So, buying an eco-friendly Chinese noodle box will considerably improve the image of your establishment. Plus, your customers will be reassured that you are listening to them and offering environmentally friendly alternatives.

Chinese food packaging: choose yours and surprise!

It has been proven that noodles can be enjoyed in multiple ways. Hot or cold. With sauce or with broth. Boiled or fried. With chopsticks or fork. So can rice. And noodles. Each version has unique characteristics that make it delicious. So that your customers can enjoy the flavour of your products in all their glory, we bring you various designs of Chinese food containers:

  • Our cardboard boxes for noodles or rice are the classic choice for delivery restaurants. The main reason is the large space they offer, perfect for the usual portion sizes of noodles and other Asian noodle and rice specialities. They are also available in different colours and finishes. From white cardboard to the famous natural kraft finish. Originality or tradition, whatever your preference, we can help you.
  • The sugar cane noodle containers we work with have several compartments for storing food. This makes them ideal for products accompanied by sauces or garnishes. In addition, their pleasant feel and smooth, flawless surface make them a very attractive option for all types of customers.

No matter how you want to serve your noodles, at Monouso we offer different containers for Asian food depending on the needs of your product so that your customers can enjoy their orders directly in these convenient containers.

We make it easy for you to buy take away containers for Chinese food.

Noodles are much more than a flour and egg dough, they are edible culture. In China, families celebrate their parents' birthdays by eating noodles as a symbol of longevity. Meanwhile, at Japanese festivals, noodles are caught in water currents to celebrate the arrival of summer.

As you have seen, noodles are a reason for happiness and celebration in many countries. At Monouso we want you to be able to bring these sensations to your guests. That's why we offer a wide range of disposable noodle containers. So you can be part of your customers' happiest moments.

Do you want more information about our disposable noodle containers for Chinese food? We invite you to contact us.

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