Paper Tray Waffles Pink 13,5x10cm (100 Units)

Ref 13841-100
    Paper Tray Waffles Pink 13,5x10cm
    • Paper Tray Waffles Pink 13,5x10cm
    • Paper Tray Waffles Pink 13,5x10cm (100 Units)
    100 Units   €6.67 0,067€/Ud
    €6.67 (tax incl.) 0,067€/Ud
    Price per box of 100 units

    Ref 13841-100

    • Paper / Cardboard
    • 100

    Paper Tray Waffles Pink 13,5x10cm (100 Units)

    The price is for a pack of 100 Units.

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    The crepe and waffle packs that make their mark

    The crepe and waffle packs that make their mark

    Ready to discover the secret to enjoying crepes and waffles in a way that's as convenient as it is delicious? These containers have been designed to make savouring these sweet treats easy and hassle-free.

    The real magic of these waffle and pancake packs lies in their ability to make every bite a carefree pleasure. The ingenious ergonomics not only ensure a comfortable grip, but also eliminate the risk of spills and burns, allowing your customers to fully immerse themselves in the delicious experience.

    Cardboard, the fundamental basis of our packaging, is more than just a material. Made from fibres sourced from forests certified for responsible resource management, our paperboard not only ensures strength and practicality, but also reflects our commitment to sustainability.

    Can you imagine how practical it would be to have packaging designed not only for pancakes but also for waffles? Well, here are the advantages that these unique containers can bring to your creations:

    • Comfortable and ready-to-enjoy design: the waffle and crepe trays stand out for their ergonomic design, designed to provide comfort for both staff and customers. With contours that make them easy to grip and handle, these trays ensure a hassle-free eating experience.
    • Versatile, practical: lightweight, easy to carry and disposable, these containers make enjoying your crepes and waffles a hassle-free experience for your customers. Practicality is at your fingertips.
    • Increased strength: thanks to their PP lamination, the trays become suitable for a wider variety of foods, not just waffles. They can hold juicier products or products with sauces without the material softening or cracking.

    Data sheet

    Colour Pink
    Total Dimensions 13,5x10cm
    Design Vichy
    Material Paper / Cardboard
    Product type Bandeja
    Height 1,8 cm
    Width 10 cm
    Grammage 350g/m2
    Intrastat 39241000
    Length 13,5 cm
    Packs per Box 15
    Price for 100
    Dimensions 13,5x10cm
    Units per Pack 100 ct
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