Bamboo Disposable Tableware

Bamboo Disposable Tableware has become the fashionable service when serving your recipes in the most environmentally friendly way. It is a Biodegradable Tableware whose manufacturing process is 100% natural: the bamboo is collected, pulverized and then mixed with a specific binder. It is moulded into the desired shape, and finally cooked. The resulting Organic Tableware is perfect for cold foods or situations where the use of an oven, microwave or freezer is not necessary. Discover our comfortable, versatile and beautiful Bamboo Crockery

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If your goal is to serve and offer your gastronomic creations in Organic Products, we propose our Bamboo Disposable Tableware. A Biodegradable Tableware 100% natural and ecological, which complies with all the regulations of respect for the environment. 

Free of BPA, phthalates or any other toxic substances, this Bamboo Disposable Tableware is manufactured by a very natural process. The Bamboo trunks are collected (the growth of bamboo is so fast that it can produce 20 times more wood than other trees), the bamboo is pulverized (no toxic agents, only water to soften it), then mixed with a specific binder, molded into the desired shape, and finally cooked. After its life as a Sustainable Dish, these Bamboo Plates, Bamboo Cups, Bamboo Trays or Bamboo Cutlery can be buried and in a few months will decompose without any residues.

Bamboo Compostable Tableware is ideal for gastronomy, catering and all kinds of events. This Biodegradable Bamboo Tableware, thanks to its low weight, can be transported very easily, is easy to store, will save you time and money, and is very resistant, robust and stable.

But if this is not the Ecological Disposable Tableware you are looking for, at MonoUso we have a wide range of Biodegradable and Compostable Tableware for all tastes. Modern and up to date, our Organic Tableware gives you the opportunity to find from the most economical Biodegradable Plates to the most elaborate and expensive Biodegradable Trays, from Biodegradable Cutlery to Biodegradable Cups, any product you need can be found in our wide range. Please ask us if you need information about the different materials.

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