Coloured Plastic Cups

Ready and prepared for the party? Buying coloured plastic cups allows you to theme and personalise all the events and celebrations of your restaurant, hotel or catering business, as well as your private party. Adding colour is adding joy and in our catalogue of coloured plastic cups you will find all kinds: reds, yellows, oranges, greens, blues, lilacs...

Suitable for both hot and cold drinks, we offer you a wide variety of models that we divide into several categories depending on the material we use to make the coloured disposable cups.

  • Multitude of colours available: white, fuchsia, purple, black, gold...
  • Suitable for hot and cold drinks
  • Different sizes for all types of drinks
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Discover the best coloured plastic cups for every occasion. At Monouso you will find the most varied selection of plastic cups, perfect for parties, events, celebrations or even to add a touch of colour to your everyday life.

Our cups are not only practical and durable, but also come in an explosion of colours and designs that are sure to suit your personal style or event theme.

Unique and practical: coloured glasses

Are you organising a themed party and still don't have your coloured plastic cups ready? Don't worry, because by browsing Monouso you will easily find a wide catalogue that will help you to personalise all your events whatever the theme you want to use.

Coloured plastic cups for parties

Don't run out of plastic cups for your party. In all kinds of materials, we are sure that, whether for hot or cold drinks, coloured plastic cups will be the perfect accessory to give that original and fun touch to any event.

And not only in your meetings and parties, plastic cups in different colours will be a way to complete the decoration of your venue. Use them in bars, cafés, restaurants with terrace services or even for take away. Also, take a good look at their description because many of our plastic cups can be used for hot drinks, ideal for coffee machines or coffee services at outdoor parties. Practicality and design. Don't you think they are the most complete on the market?

Coloured plastic cups for events

Whether you organise formal or informal events, disposable coloured plastic cups help you to give a different touch and personality to the celebration. Thematise your parties with the help of tableware and start with the colour of the cups:

  • Blue plastic cups: peace and calm. If the client has asked you for a quiet evening or if you need to reproduce a seaside theme, these are the glasses for you!
  • Green plastic cups: Looking for an ECO style? Green plastic cups give you a helping hand. Brown and transparent ones too.
  • Red and pink plastic cups: love and passion. If the occasion calls for a romantic touch, these two colours are a must on the table!
  • Golden glasses: sophistication. Both gold-coloured and black or white plastic glasses (and their combinations) will help you to create glamorous atmospheres.

Neon, yellow, orange, purple or turquoise plastic glasses will also help you to give a fun, original and festive touch.

And all this at the cheapest price on the internet!

If you want to buy coloured plastic cups, we have a wide variety so that you can find what you need without any problem, and not only that, you also have volume discounts, so you can save in a simple way by choosing our coloured cups, don't think twice!

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