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Fried Food containers

They are used to contain all kinds of fried foods in a convenient and hygienic way. They are usually made of cardboard or paper. As a result, they are light, resistant and easily adaptable to all types of preparation. Besides, we are talking about fried food, so these containers have grease-proof properties to avoid stains.

The sound of the crispy crust. The appetising, bright golden colour. The freshly added juiciness of the food. This delicious triangle of sensations is the basis of the whole fritada. The absence of just one of them turns a great experience into an ordinary meal. That's why these packs ensure that these qualities are perfectly preserved. Your customers will be able to experience the complex and elaborate taste of a good frying.

  • Grease and oil resistant
  • Different shapes and sizes to treat every food the way it deserves to be treated
  • Recyclable
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Fried food containers: the ideal solution

Do you need an easy and practical way to take your fried food wherever you want? Fry containers are your ideal solution! With these containers, you can transport your fried food safely and comfortably, without worrying about spills or leaks along the way.

Designed especially for serving and transporting fried food, at Monouso you will find a wide variety of materials, shapes and capacities to cover all your needs. From chips to croquettes, not forgetting nuggets, barbecue wings, fried chicken, onion rings, falafel, cheese fingers... Whatever you serve, it will arrive freshly made at your customers' homes and they will be able to enjoy their fried food anytime, anywhere!

Are you worried about the quality of your products? With our fry packs, you can be sure that your preparations will stay crispy and fresh from the kitchen for hours. That's because our containers are made of high-quality materials that protect the food from moisture and air.

Keep your fried food crispy with our crisp packs

Looking for an economical and cost-effective solution for your business? Our fry packaging is the answer. By buying in bulk, you can get very competitive prices and increase your profits without sacrificing the quality of your products.

Want to stand out from the competition and build customer loyalty? Our fry packaging is an essential solution for any fast food business that wants to improve the quality and efficiency of its service. Don't wait any longer to place your order and experience for yourself why our fry packs are the number one choice of fast food entrepreneurs!

What are you waiting for? Contact us and place your order today!

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