Halloween Disposable TableWare

Night falls and the street is taken over by spirits, zombies and... parties! From a gathering of friends, to the party of the year, here you can dye the night with the color of pumpkin. In our catalogue you will find disposable tableware for Halloween parties in orange and black, disposable and reusable, economical and premium... anything to embroider one of the most international parties.

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Tips for your Halloween party
There are several concepts to consider when setting up a big Halloween party:

Use characteristic colors: orange and black (or even silver)
Having spare parts to spare (in case unexpected guests show up or the night gets "out of control")
Bet on the resistance of the dishes (if it is unbreakable, better)
Use disposable partyware (to concentrate on having fun)

What can I find on this page of products for Halloween?
At MonoUso we have prepared a selection of disposable Halloween party products needed to set the trend.

Here you can find glasses, cups, plates, cutlery, napkins, tablecloths and other utensils that, due to their colours and characteristics, will stand out on Halloween.

Of course, don't forget that this is just a small selection from our total catalogue and that you can combine with decorative elements such as miniatures for catering, or ecological products such as biodegradable cups.

We only ask one thing: that your celebration marks an era... and that we can participate in it!

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