Market Bag Block Home Compost “Classic” 23x33cm 12µm (100 Units)

Ref 13779-100
    Market Bag Block Home Compost “Classic” 23x33cm (100 Units)
    • Market Bag Block Home Compost “Classic” 23x33cm (100 Units)
    • Market Bag Block Home Compost “Classic” 23x33cm 12µm (100 Units)
    • Market Bag Block Home Compost “Classic” 23x33cm (100 Units)
    • Market Bag Block Home Compost “Classic” 23x33cm (100 Units)
    • Market Bag Block Home Compost “Classic” 23x33cm (100 Units)
    • Market Bag Block Home Compost “Classic” 23x33cm (100 Units)
    100 Units   €3.65 0,037€/Ud
    €3.65 (tax incl.) 0,037€/Ud
    Price per box of 100 units

    Ref 13779-100


    • Tapioca starch (Yucca)
    • Rectangular
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Si
    • 100

    Eco-friendly 23x33cm market bag made from renewable plant-based materials. It is the sustainable alternative to traditional plastic bags.

    • 100% compostable and biodegradable: Ok Compost Home certified.
    • Very practical: Resistant and easy to open.
    • Suitable for food contact, perfect for bulk food.
    • Presented with Block and drilled to be hung, easy to use and distribute.
    • Ideal for food shops such as greengrocers or fishmongers.
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    Practicality and sustainability: biodegradable market bags

    The eco-friendly alternative

    Offer your customers a totally eco-friendly way to carry their shopping. These market bags are made from tapioca starch, making them a sustainable option of 100% vegetable origin.

    The properties of biodegradable bags are the same as the classic plastic bags, i.e. they have the same flexibility, resistance and impermeability . But what is the great advantage of having biodegradable market bags in your shop? Both you and your customers will be contributing to sustainability and care for the environment. They have the EN 12432 certification and the Ok Home Compost seal, which certifies that they are compostable at a domestic level.

    Simple design for all types of businesses

    Simple, for all types of businesses. These bags are translucent and feature a "Classic" design that maintains a neutral aesthetic. They are ready to serve any establishment and for all kinds of purchases.

    Bolsa biodegradable de mercado

    Bolsa de mercado sostenible

    Easy to remove and open, ideal for shops

    Do you know the main characteristics of market bags? This type of bag is the most useful if you are looking to facilitate the self-service of food or any other product to your customers. In a very hygienic way, they will be able to have the bags they need conveniently and quickly, as they are packaged and pre-cut.

    In addition to being sustainable and resistant

    Take, open and serve with the total peace of mind that whatever you carry in them will not break. These market bags have a thickness of 12 µm, which makes them perfect for use in food shops, supermarkets, greengrocers, bakeries, butchers and fishmongers.

    The market bags are ideal for the sale of bulk products, fruit, vegetables, bread or any other food that you want to put inside, as they are suitable for food contact.


    Can we help you choose the perfect bags for your business?

    We know how difficult it can be to choose the ideal bags for your business. The products in our sustainable range, Greenuso, have our full guarantee as experts in the sector. Our commitment is to provide you with solutions that make it easier for you to provide the services you offer in your hotel, restaurant or catering establishment.

    If you have any questions, Monouso customer service will be happy to listen and advise you, do not hesitate to call us!

    Data sheet

    Colour Green
    Total Dimensions 23x33cm
    Design Classic
    Material Tapioca starch (Yucca)
    Product type Bag without Handles
    Certificates Food Contact
    OK Compost Home
    Shape Rectangular
    Height 33 cm
    Width 23 cm
    Biodegradable Yes
    Certificate 3 Yes
    Compostable Yes
    Food Contact Yes
    Disposable SI
    Family Monouso
    Intrastat 11081440
    Micronage 12 µm
    Recyclable Si
    Type Bolsas
    Range Ecologic
    Packs per Box 30
    Price for 100
    Units per Pack 100 ct
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