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If you want to control every last detail of your party or event, it is essential that you have plastic straws, as they are the perfect complement to any drink.

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If you have a hotel, restaurant, catering or tasting business you need to be prepared for anything the client asks for. Along with many soft drinks or beverages it is common for customers to want to use a plastic drinking straw - don't let it catch you off guard!


Ideal complement to any drink
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Plastic straws are the essential ally of any party or event. Soft drinks, cocktails, juices and any beverage can be accompanied by a plastic straw and make it look much more attractive.

After a good meal many people like to put the final touch with a good cocktail and the plastic straw usually accompanies it. All our straws are made of hard plastic, so they are very resistant and will not break easily.

Flexible, hard and of extraordinary quality these plastic straws provide maximum comfort when enjoying a refreshing drink.

Forget about cleaning! The plastic straws are disposable, so once you have finished using them you only need to put them in the appropriate container. You will notice that you save a lot of time in cleaning.

On our website you will find a wide range of plastic straws: on the one hand you will find long plastic straws for tall glasses like tube glasses and on the other hand short plastic straws perfect for cocktails served in smaller glasses like mojitos.

In addition, we also have a wide variety of colors to adjust your straws to the theme of the party or the atmosphere of the restaurant. From the classic red and white plastic straws, to the black plastic straws for a touch of sobriety and elegance and pink, blue, yellow and many more colors that will give a touch of vitality.

The price of our plastic straws is really cheap. You can also buy plastic straw packs to get an even more competitive price.

Take care of the details and pamper your customers!

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