Wooden Disposable Tableware

Disposable Wooden Tableware is one of the most complete ecological alternatives, as far as resistance is concerned, when it comes to dressing the table or serving a delicious catering. These Biodegradable Utensils, due to their quality and resistance, can be used in more than one occasion and are known as Reusable Tableware.  More resistant and without damaging the environment, because they disappear without leaving visible or toxic residues, our Biodegradable Wooden Tableware is composed of Wooden Cutlery, Wooden Plates, Wooden Bags, Wooden Trays and Miniatures for Wooden Catering.

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Disposable Wooden Tableware offers great durability and strength, and is able to withstand high temperatures without deformation. Made of natural wood, our Biodegradable Wooden Tableware is in great demand in restaurants, hotels, caterings, buffets and Take Away services due to its high resistance to oven, microwave, freezer and grease.

The natural colored wooden tableware, 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable, is absolutely perfect to accompany a beautiful table at all kinds of celebrations, picnics or parties. In our section you will find from Wooden Coffee Spoons, through the traditional Wooden Forks, Wooden Spoons and Wooden Knives, to Wooden Plates, Wooden Bags, Wooden Trays and Complete Services that can be accompanied by their corresponding matching Paper Napkin.

Does wood alter the taste of the food?

Wood is a porous material that absorbs the taste of food but does not give off a wood aroma

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