Paper Cup Lids

The cardboard cup lids are designed to prevent liquid spills, so that no stains or burns can occur when hot liquids are spilled.

With these biodegradable cup lids, the safety of drinks such as tea or coffee is guaranteed, so that both your employees and your customers can handle them without fear of spillage. In our catalogue you will find completely airtight paper cup lids, as well as lids for coffee cups with a slot for inserting a stirrer.

  • Suitable for hot and cold drinks
  • 100% recyclable and sustainable
  • Different dimensions available
  • Take away
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Carrying your coffee safely and without unwanted spills has never been so easy and, at Monouso, to make it easier, we also bring you these practical lids together with their compatible cardboard cups.

Nowadays it is so common to order hot drinks, such as coffees, teas or infusions, that any bar or restaurant must be prepared and provide itself with the perfect accessories to cope with the take away service.

Hot Beverage Paper Cup Lids - airtight and secure

Cardboard cup lids are very practical for all types of cafés, bakeries, bars and restaurants.

They allow your customers to enjoy their favourite drink conveniently in the place of their choice. Thanks to the perfect combination of cardboard cups with a rolled rim and cardboard cup lids, they create an airtight seal that allows them to carry their coffees comfortably and safely from one place to another without spilling the contents inside.

In different materials, you will always find the lid that best suits your needs. Are you looking for lids for a hot coffee cup? Lids for disposable cardboard cups will be the ally of your business, allowing your customers to enjoy their coffee, tea or tea in the park or in the office, as they will fit easily onto the rims of our disposable cups.Most lids also have a built-in slot for a straw, stirrer or for drinking directly from the cup.

At Monouso we offer you a catalogue with multiple designs and sizes of lids for coffee cups that you can choose according to the needs of your business. Get your cardboard or plastic cup lids now at the best price on the market!

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