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The Disposable Organic Tableware will allow you to present the most elegant table in any event, catering or celebration, without neglecting the environment, because our Disposable Organic Tableware is manufactured with totally natural materials. We present you the Disposable Plastic Tableware Biodegradable PLA, Disposable Cardboard Tableware, Disposable Wooden Tableware, Disposable Sugar Cane Tableware, Disposable Chinet Pulp Tableware, Disposable Bamboo Tableware, Wasara Tableware and Disposable Compostable Tableware that you cannot miss.

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Our Biodegradable tableware offers a high quality for the materials with which they are made. Organic disposable tableware is ideal for catering, parties and all kinds of formal and informal events. Thanks to the diversity of ecological materials that exist, in our catalogue you will be able to find from Bamboo Disposable Crockery, Wooden Disposable Crockery, Palm Leaf Disposable Crockery and Sugar Cane Disposable Crockery, to Chinet Pulp Disposable Crockery, Cardboard Disposable Crockery, Corn Starch Disposable Crockery, Wasara Design Disposable Crockery and Compostable Disposable Crockery.

Our Sustainable Dinnerware offers the opportunity to take care of the environment, while we take care of the details of our table and add comfort as it is Ecological Disposable Dinnerware

Disposable Wooden Tableware: If what you are looking for is a special presentation for your products, do not hesitate to give elegance to your table with our Wooden Tableware. Of great quality, elegant and decorative, this Biodegradable Tableware, although of fine design, is suitable for use in ovens, microwaves and freezers, as it withstands temperatures above 200ºC and is perfectly resistant to grease. Did you imagine so many pros? Our Ecological Wooden Disposable Tableware is one of the most complete in terms of resistance.

Bamboo Disposable Tableware: Our Bamboo Disposable Tableware, made of bamboo thermoformed to 100ºC, is perfect for situations where it is not necessary to put the Bio Tableware in the oven or microwave since this Bamboo Disposable Tableware does not withstand more than 70ºC. At the end of its useful life, this Ecological Disposable Tableware totally decomposes in 4 or 6 months, transforming its pieces into fertilizer.

Palm Leaf Disposable Tableware: this Sustainable Tableware is ideal for parties where it is necessary to put the Bio Tableware in the oven or microwave, as this Palm Leaf Disposable Tableware can withstand temperatures above 180ºC . Let yourself be surprised by the quality of this Disposable Tableware produced with the fallen leaves of the Areca palm tree, in India. Palm Leaf Disposable Tableware is a beautiful, elegant and 100% natural product, widely used in other cultures.

Disposable Sugar Cane Tableware: The Sugar Cane Tableware, with a smooth, soft and elegant finish, is a Biodegradable Tableware suitable for oven, microwave, but not for congerator and resistant to oils and fats. This is one of the most complete ranges in our catalogue, which, being 100% ecological, is capable of decomposing completely in two months.

Disposable Cardboard Tableware: Our Cardboard Tableware meets all the basic requirements in terms of hygiene and ecology. Manufactured with high quality materials at an economical price, this disposable tableware is the perfect solution for parties and birthdays, especially for children. It can be used in microwave, oven and freezer and is resistant to grease and oil.

Chinet Pulp Disposable Tableware: The Pulp Fibre or Cellulose Pulp Disposable Tableware is the alternative to the conventional cardboard disposable tableware. Environmentally friendly, this collection of Disposable Cups, Disposable Plates and Disposable Cellulose Pulp Bags, completes the requirements of a quality table, resistant but lightweight, this Disposable Tableware is suitable for use in microwaves.

Disposable Tableware PLA: The Biodegradable Plastic Tableware is the best ally to give a good service in events and celebrations helping, at the same time, to reduce the volume of garbage and polluting waste. This Ecological Dinnerware, made from corn starch (CPLA or RCPLA), looks similar to plastic but is 100% of vegetable origin. It is perfect for cold products since it does not support temperatures higher than 50ºC

Wasara Design Disposable Dinnerware: made from a combination of cane, bamboo and sugar bagasse, this Biodegradable Dinnerware has a soft touch, resists the heat and cold of food and is totally compostable. This 100% ecological tableware has a refined and minimalist design.

Disposable Composting Crockery: made up of Composting Cups, Composting Plates, Composting Bags, Composting Trays and Composting Cutlery, which are made from different materials from 100% natural renewable sources, allowing the different Composting Crockery to degrade in an estimated time of between 50 and 100 days under processes suitable for composting.

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