Novotex Tablecloth Roll 1,2x48m

Buying Novotex Tablecloths, also known as Non-Woven or Spunbond Tablecloths or Newtex Tablecloths, has never been easier. At MonoUso we offer you a wide range of colours at a very competitive price. Disposable Tablecloth Rolls are ideal for dressing large tables where the Cut Tablecloths do not completely cover the table. With a texture similar to fabric, but with the advantage of passing a ballot and cleaning without leaving stains, our Novotex Tablecloths in Rolls only seek to facilitate your activity by offering quality.

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The Novotex Tablecloth belongs to the range of products known as Non-Woven Tablecloths. This Disposable Tablecloth whose composition is 100% Polypropylene, with a weight of 50 g/m2, should not be confused with the AirLaid Tablecloth, since the basic composition is totally different, the latter being made of Cellulose.

This product is manufactured with Novotex and is also known as Spunbonded PP100 or Spunbond Tablecloth. It is ideal for use in Bars, Cafes and Restaurants, as it offers great quality and a range of possibilities thanks to its colours. It can be reused, but it is not recommended since it can lose its optimal aspect, it has a low cost and the washing would suppose an expense superior to the price of the Novotex Tablecloth itself.

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